WUCC 2018

Страна: Тайланд;

Дедлайн: 31.03.2018

Веб-сайт: cia.wu.ac.th


1. An applicant must be a university student or graduate whose age is not over 30 years old on the camp final date, 23 June 2018.

2. An applicant must fill in the online application form and submit all required documents:

1) Profile Photo

2) Passport or any identification card with English Information, e.g. National ID Card, Driving License

3) Health Certificate, to certify that an applicant is in good health with no infectious or contagious disease. He/she must use a provided form only.

4) Other documents referring to your current status:

If an applicant is studying, the following documents are needed: - Transcript - Student Status Verification Letter

 If an applicant is graduated, the following document is needed: - Graduation Certificate

 If an applicant is graduated and employed, the following documents are needed: - Graduation Certificate - Employment Verification Letter

3. Essay and VDO Presentation 1) An essay with minimum of 600-1,000 words on the topic of "What is your view on cultures without borders in the globalized world?" The essay must be a PDF format, using font Times New Roman 12 pt. 2) A two-minute video for self-introduction and essay. The video must be posted on your Facebook together with a hashtag #wuculturalcamp2018 and set post's privacy as public.

4. An applicant must prepare a national costume for a performance at a reception party and farewell party.

5. Deadline for application submission is 15th March 2018.

6. An applicant will be considered based on the quality of a written essay, video presentations, personal profile and academic records