Consuming (the) Victorians

Страна: США

Город: Asheville

Тезисы до: 01.06.2018

Даты: 09.11.18 — 10.11.18

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Организаторы: Victorians Institute


The 47th annual meeting of the Victorians Institute ( will explore the patterns, behaviors, and economies of consumption–both literal and figurative–that we’ve inherited from the Victorians, as well as the myriad ways in which millennial audiences consume the Victorians as part of our everyday lives. We invite participants to join us in considering the legacies of nineteenth century consumption, from the popular media we stream to the holiday traditions we hold dear to the consumer habits we can’t break.

Conference organizers are particularly interested in creating panels that address consumption and/of adaptation, literal forms of dysfunction and consumption, and pedagogy as consumption. Gillian Anderson’s performance as Lady Dedlock, Jenna Coleman’s series Victoria, and the hidden-object game based on The Moonstone depend on audiences’ interest in the Victorians, an interest created by our work in the classroom. But how do we teach students about Lowood, Rugby, or Brasenose College, without making them feel that they have been cornered by a M’Choakumchild? We welcome papers that consider pedagogy–from or concerning the Victorians–and/as consumption.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

    Consumerism & the birth of the department store
    Fashion plates & self-fashioning
    Cookery for hosting & homemaking
    Food product availability at home & abroad
    Commercially-processed food for mass consumption
    Consuming resources (mining & harvesting)
    Consuming obsessions (monomania, paranoia, & other psychological fixations)
    Bodies consumed by industrial labor
    Bodies consumed by infectious disease
    Consuming national cultures in the Crystal Palace
    Immigration & the incorporation of cultures into the body politic
    Literature for popular consumption (sensation & other popular fiction)
    Crime as commodity (Newgate novels & crime journalism)
    Vampirism as fiction & metaphor
    Modernizing agriculture & the science of feeding populations
    Vegetarianism & the ethics of eating
    Consuming the colonies (sugar, tea, & Imperial food production)
    Overconsumption of alcohol, drugs, & food
    NeoVictorianism & Consuming the 19C
    Streaming the Victorians (popular 21C reimaginings, e.g., Victoria, Mr. Selfridge, Penny Dreadful)
    Collecting mania
    Sites of exchange/secondhand culture (then & now: auction houses, curiosity shops, Etsy, eBay, Pinterest, etc)
    Modes of mass consumption
    Work opportunities/sales jobs (shopgirls, delivery boys, street hawkers)
    Communication technologies & information consumption (the post, telegraphy, steam-press printed periodicals, the circulating library, et al for the Victorians; the web, teleconferencing, ebooks & journals, Netflix, et al for 21C Victorianists)
    Consuming Passions/Consuming Time (leisure, entertainment, work, hobbies, sports, games)
    Materialism v. spiritualism

Please send a 300-word abstract and two-page CV to the conference organizers at (Word or PDF format). Proposals should include contact information. Panel proposals should include contact information for all participants, a synopsis of the panel, and abstracts for all papers.


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