52nd International Scientific Conference for young scientists, agrochemists and ecologists «Agroecological and economic aspects of using agrochemicals under conditions of biologization and ecologization of agricultural production»

Страна: Россия

Город: Moscow

Тезисы до: 20.09.2018

Даты: 24.10.18 — 25.10.18

Адрес: Pryanishnikova ul. 31А, 127550 Moscow, Russia

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: vniiasekr@yandex.ru

Организаторы: Federal State Budget Scientific Institution «All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Chemistry named by D.N. Pryanishnikov»

Условия участия и жилье: Participation and publication of articles are free. Accommodation is paid by the conference participants. Organization Committee can help you to choose accomodation.




The conference devoted to the problems of the application of agrochemicals under conditions of biologization and ecologization of agricultural production. Our conference is also dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Yaroslav A. Linovskiy. The event will be conducted in accordance with the "List of scientific events held by organizations subordinate to FASO of Russia in 2018" in order to attract public attention to the issues of the need to develop and implement in practice principles of environmentally sound management of agriculture based on rational use of land resources.

In the 21st century, the main criteria of human economic activity became the principle of environmental expediency. In the sphere of agricultural production it means the development of technologies that ensure the production of environmentally safe products, which contain a specific set of substances and compounds inherent for this products only, set that doesn’t make any effect on the human and animal health and the environment, caused by the accumulation of pollutants of natural or anthropogenic origin.

Since 2015, food security has been proclaimed in Russia as one of the key areas for ensuring the country's security, a factor in maintaining its statehood and sovereignty, a prerequisite for the implementation of the strategic national priority – improving the quality of Russian citizen’s life by guaranteeing high standards of livelihood. To date, one of the most effective tools for solving aforementioned set of tasks is providing the population with high-quality, safe and healthy food. This goal can be accomplished by the different approaches, including organic farming.

At the conference, it is planned to consider the issues of ensuring food security through obtaining environmentally friendly products; to investigate the connection between quality of crops and different approaches to plant nutrition, soil fertility, use of fertilizers and other agrochemicals. Other topic of the event is considerations about influence of local, regional and global levels of anthropogenic and natural factors on agroecosystems and environmental limits of well-being provision.

Participants are required to represent application form (example on the end of this letter) and an article for 3 pages of A4 format with the confirmation of the participation and surname of the speaker before the 20th of September 2018 for the publication and timely preparation of conference materials. Please, send your materials on e-mail: vniiasekr@yandex.ru

Application forms which will be send after the 20th of September 2018 will not be accepted. The program of conference will be formed on the basis of submitted articles and application forms. It is also planned to arrange a part of reports and speeches via on-line video conference.

If you can’t arrival conference, please, inform the Organizing Committee as soon as possible.

Articles supposed to be sent on e-mail or compact disk (CD-R/DVD-R) as MS Word file (*.doc). From one author could be accepted no more than 2 articles. The number of authors is no more than three per article.

The file name is formed from the surname and initials of the first author (without spaces, for example, Ivanov S.T. ivanovst.doc). In case one author is the first in several articles, the name is supplemented with a serial number (for example, ivanovst1.doc, ivanovst2.doc).

In the subject of e-mails, please, write “Conference-2018”.

In the article one table is allowed. Orientation of the text and the table is book; line spacing is single; all the fields are 2.5 cm; font Times New Roman 14 pt; text structure: the name (the font is bold, capital letters); initials and surnames of authors (bold font, lowercase letters), name of organization and postal address (italic, lowercase letters), main text (indent of the first lines of paragraphs of 1.2 cm).

Articles and application form (example in the end of this letter) have to be sent before the 20th of September 2018 with confirmation of the participation and surname of the speaker.

 The authors of published articles cannot be doctors of sciences (in the text or under the text a reference is allowed "work was conducted under the leadership or with the participation of ..." with the indication of the academic degree and title).

Articles will be published in the author's edition, in this regard, the authors are responsible for the style, reliability and content of the material presented. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to sort the publications.


Participation and publication of articles are free.


The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Upon termination of conference the certificate of the participant will be issued.

The best speeches will be awarded with the valuable gifts and published in journal «Plodorodie».


For all questions related to participation in the conference please, contact the Organizing Committee of the conference by phone:

8(499)976-46-47 Olga A. Muravyova, Liudmila O. Sushkova

8(499)976-11-91 Alevtina V. Kozlova

8(499)977-82-45 Irina V. Ilyushenko


Application forms and articles must be received by the Committee no later than the 20th of September 2018 on e-mail: vniiasekr@yandex.ru

It is necessarily to write the full names of the authors, the topic of the article and the authors' affiliations.

Articles will be considered only if an application form shall be presented. The authors will be informed about the acceptance of articles 2 weeks before the conference beginning.


Pryanishnikov Institute of Agrochemistry address: Pryanishnikova ul. 31А, 127550 Moscow, Russia.


  • From Metro station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya by buses number 114, 123, 204, 282, 461, Т19 to «Ulica Likhoborskie bugry» bus stop.
  • From Metro stations Voykovskaya, Timiryazevskaya or Dmitrovskaya by tram № 27 to «Timiryazevskaya akademiya» tram stop.




We will be glad to see you in Pryanishnikov Institute of Agrochemistry!

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