The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) Traineeship

Страна: Бельгия;

Дедлайн: 30.09.2018



The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) offers a limited number of traineeships for university graduates and local and regional authority staff. There are three types of traineeship:

  • Standard traineeships

  • Short-term study visits

  • Internships reserved for governmental officials

Why doing a traineeship at the CoR?

You will be in the heart of the dynamics of a political assembly. You will familiarise yourself with CoR's objectives and work on European integration.

The CoR is the political assembly that gives voice to regional and local levels in EU policy development and EU legislation. The Treaties oblige the European Commission, Parliament and Council to consult the CoR whenever new proposals are made in areas that affect the regional or local level. For its part, the Committee can adopt opinions on its own initiative and present these to the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

The CoR has 350 members from all 28 Member States and its work is organised in 6 different commissions. They examine proposals, debate and discuss them in order to adopt official opinions on key issues. Members and alternates are appointed for a five-year term by the Council, acting on proposals from the Member States. They exercise governmental or elected functions at the local and regional level and therefore have direct experience of how the policies and the legislation of the EU affect the daily lives of citizens.

You will make new contacts. You will be part of a small group of trainees, quickly allowing for a warm social network, and have contact with experienced colleagues, with whom you cannot only learn but also be friends with!

You will bring in new ideas but also broaden your knowledge. You will gain work experience and knowledge in your field of interest and also practical knowledge of how the CoR and other European institutions work. You will receive unique, first-hand experience of working in a multicultural, multilingual environment. And among other activities, you will have the possibility of attending a wide range of conferences/forums/seminars on diverse subjects. 


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