12th World Congress on Railway Research

Страна: Япония

Город: Tokyo

Тезисы до: 10.08.2018

Даты: 28.10.19 — 01.11.19

Область наук: Технические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: wcrr2019-paper@issjp.com

Организаторы: WCRR Committee


When you submit your Abstract, please identify the Session Topics and appropriate Sub-Topics that best categorize your Abstract select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices). Over 65 Sub-Topics have already been identified so far as follows:

1.  Improvement of Service Quality, Speed, Time to Destination, and Functionality

        1.1.  Attracting customers by understanding their needs and behaviors
        1.2.  Operation management, train delay management
        1.3.  Comfort
        1.4.  Transport quality
        1.5.  High speed railway
        1.6.  Passenger flow, mobility from door to door
        1.7.  Passenger information and ticketing (onboard telematics, multimedia systems)
        1.8.  Door-to-door intermodal freight/logistics
        1.9.  Freight tracking and control, IT

2.  Economics, Policy and Planning

        2.1.  Open market: Business trends, new players and models, new opportunities
        2.2.  Investments and economic efficiency
        2.3.  Infrastructure financing, ownership, and public/private investment
        2.4.  Transportation planning, including data and predictive analytics
        2.5.  Improving accuracy of demand forecasting, including data and predictive analytics
        2.6.  Wayside revitalization along railway lines
        2.7.  Capacity management and timetabling, including data and predictive analytics

3.  Sustainability

        3.1.  More environmentally friendly railways
        3.2.  Low/zero carbon emission railways, carbon footprint
        3.3.  Life-cycle assessment (LCA)
        3.4.  Energy-conserving operation and sustainability, energy storage technology
        3.5.  Noise/vibration countermeasures
        3.6.  Low-cost operation, highly-competitive railways
        3.7.  Demographic issues: Its impact and solutions
        3.8.  Human resources, work force development and training

4.  Safety and Natural Hazard Management

        4.1.  Safety assessment/evaluation
        4.2.  Security, including cyber security
        4.3.  Level crossings
        4.4.  Train operation safety, driver and crew, human factors
        4.5.  Disasters and countermeasures/recovery
        4.6.  Derailment/capsizing
        4.7.  Infrastructure resilience in extreme events
        4.8.  Passenger safety
        4.9.  Hazardous material freight rail vehicle safety and security monitoring systems
        4.10. Unmanned aerial vehicle technology in inspecting hazards

5.  Rolling Stock

        5.1.  Rolling stock design for passenger rail
        5.2.  Rolling stock design for freight rail
        5.3.  Rolling stock components/subsystems
        5.4.  Brake performance
        5.5.  Rolling stock maintenance
        5.6.  Condition-based maintenance, condition monitoring, inspection and detection, including data and predictive analytics
        5.7.  Assessment/evaluation/examination
        5.8.  Asset management for rolling stock
        5.9.  Heavy haul; faster, heavier, longer freight trains
        5.10. Freight onboard monitoring and control

6.  Infrastructure

        6.1.  Construction of new lines
        6.2.  Structures (bridges, tunnels, stations)
        6.3.  Materials and track components
        6.4.  Electric power/catenary facilities
        6.5.  Condition-based maintenance, condition monitoring, inspection and detection, unmanned aerial vehicle technology in maintenance, including data and predictive analytics
        6.6.  Rail/track/infrastructure maintenance
        6.7.  Track maintenance and civil engineering
        6.8.  Asset management for infrastructure
        6.9.  Freight/logistics dry port; transfer technologies in intermodal transport

7.  Railway System Interface

        7.1.  Rail/wheel (vehicle-track) interaction
        7.2.  Rolling stock/pantograph-catenary interaction
        7.3.  Signaling and communication systems
        7.4.  Electromagnetic compatibility
        7.5.  Wayside train monitoring and train detection
        7.6.  Test, homologation, and cross-acceptance
        7.7.  Global certification for innovative product development
        7.8.  Automated/autonomous operation

8.  Maglev and New Transport Systems

        8.1.  Maglev and other fixed guideway transport
        8.2.  Automated guided vehicles, monorails
        8.3.  Construction
        8.4.  Other new transport systems


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