Transnational Spaces in the Poetry of Ezra Pound

Страна: США

Город: Washington

Тезисы до: 30.09.2018

Даты: 21.03.19 — 24.03.19

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Организаторы: NeMLA


Ezra Pound remains a controversial figure in the global literary landscape; however, despite this controversy, he continues to have a widespread and profound influence on contemporary poetics. The foundation of Pound’s poetry, such as The Cantos, is the intersection of borders and boundaries. He explores and represents the humanity of people through several languages, including Greek, Chinese, Italian, German, and French. As well, he reconceives of the English language as poetic vehicle by using quotation, ellipses, and other grammatical language features to re-present cultural landscapes central to his ideas. He develops central ideas around several cultures, including ancient Greek, American, Chinese, Byzantine, French, Italian, and many others. In particular, he presents the way in which many of these cultures intersect through trade, war, and economics, among other cultural features. This panel seeks papers that address the roles of the intersections of cultures, languages and peoples in Pound’s work. As the conference is being held in Washington, D.C., “home” to Pound for thirteen years of institutionalization at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, papers might also explore the impact of this space on Pound’s work in the Pisan Cantos and beyond.


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