2019 International Conference on Intelligent Chip Design and Semiconductor Circuit(ICDSC 2019)

Страна: Китай

Город: Sanya

Тезисы до: 05.12.2018

Даты: 05.01.19 — 07.01.19

Область наук: Компьютерные;

Адрес: International Asia-Pacific Convention Center Sanya

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: math.jan@engii.org

Организаторы: Engineering Information Institute(Engii)

Условия участия и жилье: http://www.engii.org/conference/RegistrationFee.aspx?id=1095


ICDSC 2019 is sponsored by Engineering Information Institute, Open Access Library, Scientific Research Publishing, and 1000thinktank. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. 


Call for Papers

AI ChipDesign
Analog and mixed-signal circuits 
Analog signal processing
Chip-to-chip communications
Circuit technologies 
Circuits/devices modeling, verification and testing 
Data converters and Data storage
Digital architectures and systems
Digital integrated circuits
Digital/synthesizable voltage regulators and plls
Emerging ic and system 
Energy harvesting circuits and systems
Hardware-security circuits
High-bandwidth i/o interfaces
Image sensors and companion chips
Intra-chip communication circuits
Intelligent Chip
Memory design and Memory/ssd controllers
Memory-subsystem enhancements
Mems-based integrated systems
Micro-controllers and Microprocessors
Nano electronics circuits
Power control and management 
Processors/ multiprocessors 
Reconfigurable architectures & FPGA-based designs
RF integrated circuits and microwave engineering 
Sensor interface circuits
Special-purpose digital circuits
Subthreshold and near-threshold circuits
Switched-mode power supplies
System-level power management
Ultrasonic sensors, neural interfaces and closed-loop systems
Wireless sensing, radar and localization

Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.engii.org/conference/ICDSC2019/


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