Краниологическая изменчивость носите лей катакомбной культуры из степного Приднепровья // http://sn.kspu.edu/index.php/sn/pages/view/redkol/ Електронний історичний журнал «Scriptorium nostrum» Херсон.: 2018. – Вип. 1 (10) – С. 39–73.



The main aim of the article is to present an informative craniological characteristic of anthropological materials found during excavations of the Catacomb culture burials (second part of III century BC) in Ordzhonikidze (now Pokrov). It has been denoted that Pokrov’s male series skulls have a high, mesocranic cranium. Ear height shows moderate dimensions. The cranial base length is large. The face is strongly profiled, its height is moderate. Zygomatic width is large relative to the transverse diameter. The general facial index indicates that the group is characterized by the wide facial dimensions (euriprosopia). The orbital height has moderate dimensions. The piriform aperture is relatively narrow. The nasal bridge is high according to the simotic and dacrial indexes. The male series is characterized by the large nasofacial.

The principal component analysis of 14 craniological features has provided the opportunity to segregate the Dnipro Steppe skulls into three craniological types.

The 1st craniological type has a dolichocranic, high cranium and wide frontal bone. The orbits are low (mesoconchia). The face is moderately profiled, of small heights, wide, according to higher facial index it is wide (aurien). The nose is wide (khamerenia) with moderate high nasal bridge. The angle of nasal bones protrusion to the line of facial profile is large. The 2nd craniological type has a high mesocranic cranium on the edge of brachycranial (subbrachycranial). The forehead is wide. The orbits are low. The face is strongly profiled. The facial profile shows small values, with small height and large width values. The nose is moderately wide (mesorhynia) with a high nasal bridge and a big nasal angle. The angle of nasal bones protrusion to the line of facial profile is rather large. The 3rd craniological type is characterized with dolichocranic high cranium. The forehead is moderately wide. The relative height of the orbits is moderate (mesoconchia). The face is strongly profiled; its height is close to moderate sizes. The face is moderately wide as indicated by the upper facial index (mesen). The nose is narrow (leptorrhine) with a high nasal bridge. The angle of nasal bones protrusion to the line of facial profile is rather large.

The conducted contrasting of the studied craniometrical characteristics to the craniometrical data were published in the works of S.I. Krutsans G.P. Zinevych. According to the materials of Catacomb culture of the Dnipro Steppe, the principal component analysis of craniometrical data has provided an opportunity to compare the studied skulls with those from the Catacomb culture Steppe burials on the Dnipro. This comparison has shown that the skull from the bur. 8 of Kurgan 29 hasslight degree of similarity to the skull from the bur. 5 of the Kurgan 6 in Mychailivka. The skull from the bur. 13 of the Kurgan 29 shows similarity to that from the bur. 2 of the Kurgan 9 in Stepove. The skull from the bur. 5 from Bazavluk hasslightdegree of similarity to the skull from bur. 2 of the Kurgan 31 in Sophiivka.

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