6th International Seminar on Tailings Management

Страна: Chile

Город: Santiago

Тезисы до: 23.11.2018

Даты: 10.07.19 — 12.07.19

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: verushka.melville@gecamin.com.

Организаторы: Gecamin


Abstracts should describe the objective of the work and a synthesis of the obtained results, as well as include full contact details of the authors. The “Abstract Template” button above contains the Word template with predetermined formatting to prepare your abstract. Also, the format includes editorial guidelines to be followed for the abstract to be approved. 

Should an abstract be approved, the author will be requested to send a full-length article in English by March 03, 2019. The approval of an abstract does not guarantee the subsequent approval and inclusion of the full-length article in theseminarprogram. For more information regarding the review process, see the “Review Process” below.


Areas of Interest

  • Innovations in conventional, paste and filtered tailings deposition

  • Innovative water recovery technologies

  • Filtration and dry stacking for large throughput

  • Underground backfilling technologies

  • Tailings relocation and retreatment

  • Dam safety and social responsibility

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications for inspections, monitoring and surveying

  • Satellite technologies for dam safety and constructio monitoring 

  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental instrumentation for remote monitoring

  • Satellite technologie for environmental monitoring and land surveillance

  • Computer and tablet applications in tailings management

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