21st Meeting of the International Circle of Korean Linguistics

Страна: Австралия

Город: Melbourne

Тезисы до: 15.12.2018

Даты: 10.07.19 — 12.07.19

Область наук: Филологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: ickl2019 AT gmail.com

Организаторы: Monash University


The 21st Biennial Meeting of the International Circle of Korean Linguistics (ICKL21) will be held at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia on 10-12 July 2019 (arrival and banquet on 10 July; conference presentations on 11-12). This will be the second international conference since the merger of the Harvard-ISOKL (Harvard International Symposium on Korean Linguistics) into the ICKL (International Circle of Korean Linguistics). 

By holding the conference in Melbourne, ICKL will return to Australia for the first time in 23 years, and this will be only the second ICKL conference in the Southern Hemisphere. We will celebrate the relaunch of the Korean Studies program at Monash University.

Веб-сайт конференции: https://linguistlist.org/issues/29/29-3492.html

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