AMSA 2019: At the Boundaries of Ourselves: Masculinities & Decoloniality

Страна: Канада

Город: Manitoba

Тезисы до: 01.12.2018

Даты: 11.04.19 — 13.04.19

Область наук: Социологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Brandon University Brandon


Building off of the innovative presentations and lectures given at the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) conference in March 2018 in Minneapolis, this conference seeks to push forward the field of Critical Studies of Men & Masculinities further. Last year the theme – ‘Bodies, Sexualities, Masculinities’ – addressed critical gaps in the field related to sex and sexualities and their connection to bodies. Similarly, this year’s conference looks to examine the holes in the field related to issues of space, borders, location, the interface of space and ontologies (urban, rural, remote... hipsters, lumbersexuals, farmers, but also masculinity, mental health and space), masculinity and dis-location (spatial and ephemeral: inclusion/exclusion i.e.), borders and migration, nation building colonial invasion, ontological hybridity and buttressing (whiteness, one-drop politics, mestizos...), colonialism, indigeneity, and the ways that these impact on men and masculinities globally. As part of this, AMSA is hosting its annual conference for the second time outside of the US at Brandon University in Canada.

The conference explicitly brings together decoloniality (and colonialism) and critical studies of men and masculinities. We seek to ask some of the following questions: What types of masculinities come to the fore when starting from a decolonial (or postcolonial) lens? How
does the incorporation of indigeneity and indigenous masculinities impact our conceptual tools, and what new tools, concepts, theories, and methods does it provide? In what ways has the whiteness of the field further marginalized insights from studies around colonialism and scholars of color and from the ‘global south’? How do new forms of colonialism, border-making, and neoliberal forces challenge and change ways of being a man and the shapes of masculinities? In what ways do current paradigms of colonialism, decolonialism, and neoliberalism change, challenge, and alter the ways that individuals construct themselves, come into contact with one another, and relate with one another and groups?

We encourage participants to think outside of current epistemic frameworks and to build dialogue between various fields and theories. This includes Decolonial Theory, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory, Biopolitics, Crip Theory, Indigenous Studies Theory, and new theories of power.

Seeking to encourage interdisciplinarity, the conference will particularly bridge the gaps between decolonial studies/theory and men and masculinity studies. This crossover will contribute richly to knowledge on the topic, and provide for unique and interesting dialogue amongst participants. This conference, then, hopes to build productively on a variety of theoretical paradigms and to push the field forward in thinking through decolonialism and the critical study of men and masculinities. The conference is open to a number of different types of sessions. We welcome submissions of individual papers, panels, and posters.

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