Per­sonal Names and Cultural Reconstruc­tions

Страна: Финляндия

Город: Helsinki

Тезисы до: 15.12.2017

Даты: 21.08.19 — 23.08.19

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: terhi.ainiala AT

Организаторы: University of Helsinki


The international conference Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions in August 2019 highlights anthroponymic systems within a historical context. Papers of the conference address the various names and naming systems with a historically grounded cultural significance. 

Call for Papers: 

We invite paper and poster proposals for this international conference, which will take place 21–23 August 2019 at the University of Helsinki. Papers of the conference should address anthroponymic systems and cultural reconstructions, broadly speaking, and contributions to various names and naming systems in different languages and cultures are welcome. Especially papers with a specific emphasis on reconstructing the historical strata and cultural contacts reflected in personal names are encouraged. 

This conference creates and facilitates new research openings and cooperation in the interdisciplinary field of anthroponymic systems by bringing together scholars from different countries and universities worldwide to discuss and debate a range of topics. 

The theme of the conference draws increased international attention: the issues of personal names in various historical and cultural settings are increasingly addressed by researchers in linguistics, onomastics, history, ethnology and other disciplines. 

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