Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

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Дедлайн: 20.11.2018



At the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme, we believe that inequality is not inevitable and that a better, equitable world is possible. We envision a future with robust alternatives to our current global economy. We believe equity can be achieved through bold, imaginative responses that are forged through collective action and aligned to values of fairness, care, and dignity.

Based in the International Inequalities Institute (III) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme is one of seven interconnected Atlantic Fellowships. AFSEE’s aim, via Residential and Non-Residential Fellowship tracks, is to cultivate a sustainable and catalytic community of Fellows who are part of a global community of social change leaders.

AFSEE Fellows work together to think critically about the root causes of social and economic inequalities and apply this to real-world practice. They are exposed to diverse ideas and perspectives in a programme embedded in LSE’s renowned research community and informed by activists and practitioners from around the world. They pursue outcome-oriented projects and are encouraged to develop a shared understanding of the principles and values of social and economic equity, and their relation to practices of community and leadership. 

The Fellows will go on to use the capabilities, perspectives, commitment, and networks they have developed through the programme to champion and implement ideas, policies, practices, and solutions aligned to achieving social and economic equity through active engagement in a sustained peer-led community. After completing the fellowship year, they become part of a global, lifelong community of Senior Atlantic Fellows, joining a Fellow-driven, active network of social change leaders, with further opportunities for learning and engagement.

Non-Residential Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity take AFSEE’s programme of modules, committing to five weeks over the course of a year, while maintaining their professional commitments. The Non-Residential Fellowship track offers a practice and programme focus designed for individuals who are assuming new challenges in their social change work that will enhance and extend their impact. It provides access to networks, intellectual support, and capacity-building to support Fellows in navigating the next stage of their leadership journey.

Non-Residential Fellows also develop and deliver a project that attempts to offer a new insight, challenge, or solution to inequality central to the Fellow’s future social-change agenda. Carried out through independent study, the project is a substantial piece of written or practical work in which Fellows showcase their own approaches and methods for social change and how these can be successfully applied. Each Fellow receives support from a dedicated mentor, selected for expertise and experience in the Fellow’s area of focus.

All Fellows (Residential and Non-Residential) take part in AFSEE modules*:
Module 1: Core Concepts in Social and Economic Inequalities 11-20 September 2019 | London, UK
Module 2: Africa and Collective Leadership 3-8 November 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa
Module 3: Systems Change and the Economy 20-14 April 2020| London, UK
Module 4: Digital Future and Social Change 15-19 June 2020 | London, UK
*Projected dates; subject to adjustment.

Fellows also join the Atlantic Institute’s convening in July 2020, which brings together Atlantic Fellows from our sister programmes.

The Fellowship includes full tuition fees, £3,000 to support project work, dedicated mentorship, travel to and from London/Cape Town for each Module, and reasonable travel and accommodation costs.