4YOU2 Teach

Страна: Бразилия;

Дедлайн: 10.03.2019

Тип гранта: Стажировки;

Веб-сайт: 4y2.org

Область наук: Филологические;


4YOU2 Teach is a fellow program for foreign English speakers to share their English knowledge and cultural background with students in underprivileged areas in São Paulo.

Over the past 4 years, 4YOU2 has brought over 200 teachers and taught about 6000 students. Being a social business and a certified B Corporation, 4YOU2 charges a very small fee (around $20 per month) from the students and currently offers the lowest price in the Brazilian market when compared to other local language schools. ​

At 4YOU2, the cultural exchange between the students and the teachers is as important as the development of the language, that’s why all of our teachers are foreigners.


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