International Breast Cancer Comprehensive Care Conference (iBC4)

Страна: Испания

Город: Barcelona

Тезисы до: 18.02.2019

Даты: 12.03.19 — 13.03.19

Область наук: Медицинские;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


We would like to invite you to attend a truly remarkable symposium focused on trends and controversies with the management of patients with breast cancer. This up-to-date and state-of-the-art conference is brand new and called the International Breast Cancer Comprehensive Care Conference (iBC4).

The meeting will include internationally renowned breast surgeons, plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists who will discuss and review hot topics and controversies associated with the current management of the breast cancer patient. It will be an interactive symposium and promises to be one of the best educational events of the year!

This years meeting will be combined with the long-standing and highly educational Barcelona Breast Meeting in the beautiful city of Barcelona and take place 1 day prior to the BBM. Please join us as we kick off this inaugural event that will prove to be highly educational, informative and entertaining.

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