Postdoctoral Position at Institut de Chimie Radicalaire

Страна: Франция;

Город: Marseille Cedex 07

Добавлена: 23.12.2018

Работодатель: A*Midex (Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence)

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;


Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) is a powerful technique that dramatically increases the sensitivity of solid-state NMR thanks to an efficient electron-to-nucleus spin polarization transfer. The development of innovative applications requires not only new DNP polarization agents (i.e. paramagnetic species with tailored molecular properties) but also efficient DNP sample preparation methods. These methods are indeed essential for doping diamagnetic samples in a homogeneous manner, so as to provide within the doped sample the source of electron spin polarization required for DNP. This is especially important in the field of polymers, where the polymer morphology has a strong impact on the doping performance and hence on the DNP efficiency. Most currently available DNP sample preparation methods, however, do not work well with polymers. Therefore, this postdoctoral research fellowship will be focused on designing and optimizing novel DNP sample preparation methods for organic polymer materials.

  • Expertise:

The candidate must have a PhD in the field of chemistry with a focus on materials chemistry including synthesis and characterization. In addition, a good understanding of polymer chemistry and physics, combined with an interest in spectroscopic methods, would be very much appreciated. The person should be curious and should have good interpersonal as well as communication skills. He/she must enjoy working as a team member on multi-disciplinary research projects. He/she must also have a pronounced taste for experimental work, without neglecting theoretical understanding.

  • Working environment:

The ICR Institute for Radical Chemistry (UMR7273) is a Joint Research Unit with the University of Aix-Marseille and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) as trustees. Created on January 1, 2012, the ICR is attached to the CNRS Institute of Chemistry (INC). From a scientific point of view, the creation of the UMR results from a strong desire to combine the complementary skills of research teams specializing in radical chemistry, molecular modelling (MQ and MM) and molecular or macromolecular spectroscopic characterization respectively.

  • To apply:

To apply, please send an email outlining your motivation and experience, including a CV and the names of at least two references.


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