Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer biology

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Дедлайн: 31.12.2019



A postdoctoral position is currently available in the Molecular and Cellular Cancer Biology Lab of Dr. Jianzhong Yu at the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

The focus of research in our lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying organ size control and tumorigenesis, with specific emphasis on understanding the molecular mechanisms of the Hippo signaling pathway and mTOR/Insulin signaling pathway. Details of Dr. Yu’s laboratory and recent publications can be found from 

Potential projects will focus on characterization of novel tumor suppressors we recently identified through large-scale genetic screens. Successful candidates will study the molecular functions of these novel tumor suppressors using a multidisciplinary approach employing molecular, cellular and biochemical experimental techniques in combination with cell culture and mouse model systems. 

Qualified candidates should have a recent PhD related to biological or biomedical sciences, with strong interests in the molecular basis of cancer biology. The candidates are expected to have expertise in the areas of biochemistry, molecular or cellular biology. Experience with mouse work is a plus. Background with fly genetics is preferred but not required. 

Postdoctoral fellows receive competitive salaries ($47,476/year) and benefits including health insurance for family, retirement plan etc. Interested applicants should send your CV, statement of research interest, and contact information for three references to: 


Contact Information:

Jianzhong Yu
Anatomy & Physiology
United States