SIMC 2019: 5th Strathmore International Mathematics Conference

Страна: Kenya

Город: Nairobi

Тезисы до: 30.04.2019

Даты: 12.08.19 — 16.08.19

Область наук: Физико-математические;

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Организаторы: Strathmore University


The forthcoming “5th Strathmore International Mathematics Conference (SIMC 2019)” to be held during the week of August 12 – 16, 2019 is part of a series of biannual international mathematics conferences that the Institute of  Mathematical Sciences , Strathmore University hosts every two years, as a part of its research initiatives and mandate.

The SIMC 2019 will be a follow up of the recent “4th Strathmore International Mathematics Conference (SIMC 2017)” which was held in June 19 – 23, 2017  at Strathmore University. During SIMC 2017, both formal and informal discussions concluded with a strong observation that there is a real need for universities and other organizations in Africa to foster activities focused on nurturing the research careers of young mathematicians, and sowing the seeds for building future groups of research collaboration.

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