Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция с международным участием памяти академика РАО А.В. Петровского «Социальная психология и общество: история и современность»

Страна: Россия

Город: Moscow

Тезисы до: 01.09.2019

Даты: 15.10.19 — 16.10.19

Область наук: Психологические;

Адрес: Sretenka str. 29, 127051 Moscow, Russia

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: socpsy_edu@mgppu.ru

Организаторы: Moscow State University of Psychology & Education

Условия участия и жилье: No conference fee required


All-Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation commemorating RAO (Russian Academy of Education) Academician A.V. Petrovsky "Social psychology and society: history and modernity" to be held on October 15-16, 2019, at Moscow State University of Psychology & Education (Moscow, Russia).

The conference will explore the results of psychological research in optimizing communication and interaction between various categories of people, as well as improving the functioning of an individual and a group in the education system, family and parent-child relationships, business, advertising, the social sphere, etc.

The purpose of the conference is to consolidate the experience of scientists and practitioners whose work is aimed at solving the socio-psychological problems of modern society.

Planned results of the conference:

• development of psychological theory ideas with a team;

• proposals on the organization and thematic content of the work by professional community specialists involved with the field of social psychology;

• publication of the collection of conferential scientific materials.

No conference fee required. Participation in the conference and publication of abstracts in the conference proceedings are free of charge. Theses are published in the original language.

All expenses related to the transportation and accommodation within the scope of the conference are paid by participants by their own.

We invite you to participate in conference activities fully or remotely (presentation of the theses, publication of abstracts in the volume of about 2 pages, etc).

We offer to send abstracts for publication according to the areas concerned:

1. Acute problems of relations and interactions within social groups

2. Socio-psychological factors of personal development in modern society

3. Man in Cyberspace: Risk and Opportunity

4. Social psychology of intercultural contacts

5. Social psychology of creativity

6. Social psychology of risk

7. Traditional and innovative approaches in organizational psychology: a critical view

Paper Requirements:

  • All submissions must be sent by email at the following addresses: social2003@mail.ru \ socpsy_edu@mgppu.ru.
  • Electronic Receipt Deadline: September 05, 2019.
  • Length: No longer than 6000 characters (including spaces).

Paper must include:

  • Name, Surname, Company/Organization/Institution/Department of Author(s)
  • Author(s) Email address

Participation in the conference:

«I would like to become a speaker» Yes/No (underline whichever applicable);

«I would like my paper to be published» Yes/No (underline whichever applicable);

«I would like my e-mail address to be published» Yes/No (underline whichever applicable).


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The collection of conference materials will be published in electronic form and posted on the MSUPE website and sent to the authors. The digest will have been published by the beginning of the conference.

The collection of the conference materials will be included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index.

Веб-сайт конференции: http://conf.mgppu.ru/event/universal/346