18th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology (posters)

Страна: Великобритания

Город: Glasgow

Тезисы до: 20.05.2019

Даты: 07.07.19 — 12.07.19

Область наук: Биологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: https://iwpmb2019.secure-platform.com/a/

Организаторы: International Committee & University of Glasgow


The Plant Membrane Biology Workshops started in the early 1970s with a primary focus on transmembrane ion transport in plants, soon becoming the premier international research conference in the field. Over the past three decades these meetings have grown to encompass all aspects of plant membrane biology, from protein structure and membrane traffic to salinity and ecophysiological aspects of membrane function in plants. IWPMB2019 will provide a unique opportunity for scientific discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers at all stages in their careers, and an excellent platform for postgraduate students entering the field of plant membrane biology.

Веб-сайт конференции: http://iwpmb2019.psrg.org.uk/