The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation Engineering

Страна: Япония

Город: Tokyo

Тезисы до: 20.05.2019

Даты: 27.09.19 — 30.09.19

Область наук: Технические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: International Committee


ICIMA is a workshop of the International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (CRC), which aims at presenting the latest research and results of scientists (professors, doctoral students, and post-doc scientists) related to Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation Engineering topics. It has been held succefully in Chengdu, China and Penang, Malaysia in the past 2 years. We are confident that the ICIMA 2019 will achieve a greater success.

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