Monogermane 72GeН4 with High Chemical and Isotopic Purity

Ultrapurification of monogermane 72GeН4 with the content of the main isotope 99.953 at % was carried
out by the method of low-temperature rectification. The nature and content of molecular impurities in
monogermane samples were determined by the method of chromato-mass-spectrometry. By the results
of analysis the content of each of 50 impurities, referring to the classes of volatile inorganic hydrides,
hydrocarbons, chlorine- and fluoro-hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, alkyl- and chloro-germanes, in the
rectificate does not exceed 1×10-5 mol.%. The mostly high content (mol. %) is of carbon dioxide (3×10-5), of
di- and trigermane (10-2–10-4).

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