Production of germanium stable isotopes single crystals

It is reported on production of germanium stable isotopes
72Ge, 73Ge,74Ge,76Ge single crystals with high isotopic and
chemical purity by hydride method. Separation of isotopes
was carried out by centrifugal method using monogermane
as the initial volatile substance. Samples of monoisotopic
monogermanes 72GeH4, 73GeH4,74GeH4, 76GeH4 were
purified by the method of low-temperature rectification.
Elementary polycrystalline germanium was extracted by pyrolysis
from respective monogermane and purified from impurities
by the method of zone melting. Single crystals of
germanium isotopes were grown by Czochralski method.
The content of the main isotope in the produced single crystals
72Ge, 73Ge,74Ge,76Ge was 99.98; 99.90; 99.93 and 87.5 at.
%, respectively, and the content of the impurities of stable
elements was less than 10−5 –10−6 mass %.

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