Politics, Civic Life, and Pop Culture Area for NEPCA (Northeast Popular Culture Association) 2019 Conference

Страна: США

Город: New Hampshire

Тезисы до: 01.06.2019

Даты: 15.11.19 — 16.11.19

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: dana.gavin@marist.edu,

Организаторы: Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA)


The Politics, Civic Life, and Pop Culture Area of NEPCA invites proposals from scholars of all levels for papers and/or panels that explore any aspect of the role of political actors, institutions, ideology, rhetoric, and satire in popular culture. Papers may be drawn from all policy domains, both foreign and domestic.

Recent conferences featured panels on:

  • The presidency in popular culture
  • Storytelling in the public square
  • News coverage of political figures and campaigns
  • Narrative approaches to public policy
  • Political icons
  • American identity

Веб-сайт конференции: https://nepca.blog/2019/03/04/cfp-politics-civic-life-and-pop-culture-area-for-nepca/