3rd International Conference on Sensors, Materials and Manufacturing

Страна: Тайвань

Город: Taipei

Тезисы до: 05.07.2019

Даты: 18.11.19 — 20.11.19

Область наук: Физико-математические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: icsmm@cbees.net.

Организаторы: National Taipei University of Technology


 Sensors are widely used in many different applications, and sensor technology has become a basic enabling technology in many instances. The rapid increase in the interest in sensors has been driven by numerous applications, such as intelligent manufacturing processing, in which sensors can provide a large benefit. In addition, sensors are of great importance in safety-related areas, with applications ranging from assessing the integrity of aircraft to monitoring the environment for hazardous chemicals.

New types of sensors are made possible with new materials that are produced using advanced processing technologies. Selected examples of sensor applications and types of sensors were chosen to illustrate the different driving forces and considerations discussed above: technology push, commercial market pull, military applications, life-cycle management, and regulatory demands. These illustrations are not intended to be comprehensive. Rather, they are relevant examples from which the committee identified general conclusions concerning research needs in sensor materials and the rapid development of sensor technologies for high-payoff applications. Each example describes an application, discusses the key technical issues pertaining to the use of sensors, and identifies key sensor material needs.

We strongly believe that ICSMM 2019 will be a remarkable event which can bring together professors, researchers and students in the field of Sensors, Materials and Manufacturing making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.

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