2019 8th International Conference on Power Science and Engineering

Страна: Ирландия

Город: Dublin

Тезисы до: 25.07.2019

Даты: 02.12.19 — 04.12.19

Область наук: Физико-математические;

Расскажите коллегам:

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: icpse_conference@outlook.com

Организаторы: University College Dublin


You are invited to participate ICPSE 2019 which will be held at University College Dublin, Ireland during December 2-4, 2019, supported by UCD Energy Institute, Energy Economics Group, Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

It will keep promoting the information exchange on Power Science and Engineering, which aims to promote international academic exchange and international cooperation, and provides an opportunity for researchers around the world to exchange ideas and latest research results, in both theory and application of Power Science and Engineering.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Chapter 1: Electricity systems and markets;
Chapter 2: Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy;
Chapter 3: Development and Utilization of Wind Energy;
Chapter 4: Nuclear Energy and other Energy;
Chapter 5: Energy-Saving and Energy-Storage Technology;
Chapter 6: Energy Chemical Engineering, Energy Materials and Fuel Cell;
Chapter 7: Power System and Automation;
Chapter 8: High Voltage Equipment and Insulation Technology;
Chapter 9: Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Power Drives;
Chapter 10: Smart Grid and Microgrid Technologies;
Chapter 11: Power Systems Management;
Chapter 12: Electrotechnics, Low Voltage Electronics and Power Supply;
Chapter 13: New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles;
Chapter 14: Engineering Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering in Designing of Energy Equipment;
Chapter 15: Details and Units of Power Machines;
Chapter 16: Fluids and Flow Engineering in Designing of Energy Machines;
Chapter 17: HVAC, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration;
Chapter 18: Development and Utilization of Solar Energy;

Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.icpse.org/index.html

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