Post-doctoral Fellowship in Uncertainty Management in Innovation Activities

Страна: Бразилия;

Город: São Paulo

Добавлена: 27.05.2019

Работодатель: São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)

Дедлайн подачи: 20.06.2019



The Department of Production Engineering of the University of São Paulo’s Polytechnic School (POLI-USP) opens an opportunity for a post-doctoral fellowship, with an immediate beginning, to participate in the Thematic Project entitled “Uncertainty Management in Innovation Activities,” financed by FAPESP.  This project is divided into four subprojects. The fellow will interact with the various subprojects at the synergistic points between them, but will focus on subproject 1 “Radical innovation management in large companies: organizational project for developing radical innovation capabilities.” This project’s description can be accessed at


The post-doctoral researcher will conduct studies on more radical innovation management in large companies. The researcher is expected to work with qualitative and quantitative methods and collaborate with other researchers and students involved. The specific theme to be developed in the post-doctoral period is the formation of intra-organizational networks for more radical innovation. The study follows the work of O'Connor and team (2006, 2008, 2012, 2018), Govindarajan and Trimble (2005) and Salerno and Gomes (2018). The research will answer the following questions: i)How do large established companies build capacity to borrow funds, in the sense given by Govindarajan and Trimble (2005), through intra-organizational networks? ii) How does the organizational innovation function, described in the works of O'Connor and others, articulate such types of resources? iii) What are the organizational conditions for this? The activities of the scholar will take place in direct collaboration with Professor Mario Sergio Salerno (POLI-USP, Department of Production Engineering), interacting with other researchers of the Laboratory of Innovation Management and researchers from other institutions that are part of the Thematic Project.


The opportunity is open to Brazilian and foreign candidates. It is mandatory for the fellow to live in São Paulo. The selected candidate will receive a monthly grant in the amount of R$ 7,373.10 and an amount of 15% of the annual value of the scholarship that can be spent on items directly related to the research activity, according to FAPESP standards ( The selected scholarship holder must have full dedication to the research, and cannot receive receipts from other scholarships or sources of income, according to FAPESP regulations.

Candidate Profile

Candidates must have:  

a) Ph.D./Doctorate in Production Engineering or Business Administration, with a thesis in areas related to Innovation Management, acquired in the last two years; 
b) History of research in themes of Innovation Management; 
c) Experience in the development of surveys and quantitative analyzes; 
d) Experience in qualitative research and interviews with managers; 
e) Experience with Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) is desired; 
f) Fluency in English and Portuguese; 
g) Full dedication to the project activities; 
h) Availability for trips (for field work, events, meetings).

Application and Deadline

Candidates should forward documents below to and indicating "PD + Name" in the subject field:

1. Cover letter with a justification of the interest in participating in the project and demonstrating the previous experience required for the task;
2. Copy of Curriculum (CV);
3. Copy of the doctoral degree;
4. Names of two references for possible consultation;
5. Research project on the theme of this call.

The selection will be made based on the documentation submitted until June 20, 2019.

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