ICJA16 Bedheim Castle Bedheim 31.08. -14.09.19

Страна: Германия;

Дедлайн: 15.07.2019

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Languages:English, GermanProject:Bedheim castle was first mentioned inthe year 1169 and was devastated andreconstructed several times in its long history. Inthe time of German Democratic Republic (GDR)it slowly rotted. Now renovation is done by thefamily of Ruehle von Lilienstern. A non-profitassociation is supporting the renovation workand using part of the castle for its own activities.Since 1992 this association has been organizingworkcamps. Year by year new working fields has been developed: A social therapeuticnursery was added, the association is running an organic garden and since 2007 thecastle also runs a garden café and a small castle museum where you can admire thebones of prehistoric dinosaurs, once living in this region.During the last 20 years the castle became a sociocultural center for this remoteregion: In the castle there is a perfect room for celebrations, around the castle one canfind various types of gardens and meadow for goose and goats. In addition there aretraining courses and cultural activities available. The aim of this project is to create anatmosphere where people with or without disabilities may come, live and worktogether without any prejudice against handicap, nationality or religion. The websitegives an impression about the specific and very nice character of this placehttp://schloss.bedheim.de.Inhabitants of the castle are looking forward to meet us, to work with us and hear oursuggestions andideas and to create a peacefulworld together!

Work:Volunteers are invited to help in the careand preservation of this ancient monument. Wewill work 6 hours daily, to do painting andcleaning inside or to maintain the garden aroundthe castle. In the garden kind of work depends tothe season, usually it is harvesting fruits, cuttingtrees, bushes and hedges. Encounters with kidsand people of the region are foreseen. Every yearBedheimcastle is part of the nationwide eventcalled “day of the open monument”. The castlewill be opened in the weekend for guests and wecan support with doing some service and show an artistic performance. In the lastyears volunteers showed a dance and played piano music. You can develop somethingaccording your talents. There will be the possibility to take on day of during the weekas compensation.

Study:We may learn more about the following topics: natural beauty of theenvironment. We can make excursions to places of cultural and historical interest (e.g.Weimar, the city of Goethe and the concentration camp Buchenwald). We can havediscussions and lectures about German history, society, culture and politics (theGerman East-West border was only 9 km away from Bedheim). There will be thepossibility to encounter with young people of the region and getting to know moreabout the countries of the participants.

Accommodation:Bedheim castle offers a simple group accommodation in seminarhouse. There are bedswith mattresses and pillows, but sleeping bag is needed. Mealswill be prepared by the group (less meat but a lot of very good vegetables and fruitsfrom the nursery). Warm water is provided from solar collector.Region: Bedheim castle is located in the west of Thuringia,close to the Bavarian border. Next bigger town is Coburg(28km away). Bedheim is surrounded by the extraordinarybeautiful Franconian landscape.

Remarks:Some basic knowledge of German or English is recommended. Please bring rain and working clothes as wellas swim suits, a sleeping bag, slippers, towels and warmpullovers with you. You can also bring a map, pictures orspecial food items from your country.Terminal:Bedheim is 8km from the train station ofHildburghausen and 15km from thetrain station of BadRodach. Airports: Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main, Nürnberg.


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