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Applications open on Monday 24 June for grants for academic research which focuses on the protection/resilience gap. 


Grants will be offered for, initially, a six-month proof of concept project (funding up to £50,000), followed by the chance to apply for continued funding of the same project for up to a further two years.


Applications should meet the following criteria:

  • The delivery of innovative academic research focusing on the protection and resilience gap.

  • A very clear link between the financial dimension of a risk and how it impacts on different parts of society; today and in the future.

  • That shows clear impact through stakeholder engagement, including the likelihood of leading to behaviour change.

For more information and how to apply, please read the application pack.  The deadline for applications is Friday 2 August.


 Managing the future of risk

Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation (LTRF) was established in 1988 to mark the 300th anniversary of Lloyd’s. It funds new research on risk related issues and also offers scholarships through Fulbright to study in the US and for Masters’ students in the UK. 

The LTRF works to four core principles:

  • To encourage research that has a clear, positive, and practical societal impact
  • To promote an open and collaborative approach to research, enabling inclusive results
  • To support a diverse community of excellent researchers
  • To foster a balanced dialogue, and nurture lasting relationships, between the academic and Lloyd’s market communities

Our Previous Projects

  • Agua Salud: Science to advance risk mitigation and land use management in tropical landscapes (March 2017 – March 2019) 
    We are providing funding to the Smithsonian UK Charitable Trust to support a two year research project led by the Smithsonian Tropical research Institute (STRI). The STRI and partners will develop scenarios for the future of the Panama Canal Watershed, leveraging decades of hydrological and forestry research and data sets. This project will advance understanding of large-scale and long-term implications of land-use choices throughout the tropics and will create a science-based tool to better-inform choices that can minimize negative environmental and economic impacts.  Read other reports from the team: Agua Salud: Opening report
  • The role of coastal habitats in managing natural hazards and risk reduction: a multi-disciplinary approach across ecology, economics and engineering 
    We are providing funding to the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) to support a two year research project to examine the factors that determine the role of coastal and marine habitats in damage reduction from flooding and surge. With project partners (The Nature Conservancy and Wildlife Conservancy Society), the research seeks to explore how nature-based defence systems can be incorporated into policy and industry and to quantify and emphasise the societal value that these ecosystems provide.   Find out more in the following reports: The Global Flood Protection Savings Provided by Coral Reefs, The Value of Coastal Wetlands for Flood Damage Reduction in the Northeastern USA, The Flood Reduction Benefits of Wetlands.

Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Scholar and Postgraduate Awards 
This programme enables British academics wishing to conduct research in areas related to risk to study in the US. The Scholar Award offers funding to study for up to 12 months in a top higher education institute in the US, whilst the Postgraduate Award provides first-year funding for a UK post-graduate to pursue a Master’s degree in the US. 

Both Awards offer the recipient access to the global Fulbright programme with its distinctive enrichment opportunities and scholar benefits package. As a Fulbright Scholar or Postgraduate, awardees will join the global alumni network. Since 2012, Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation has supported 13 individuals through this programme. 

How to apply: 
Application for both awards are via the Fulbright Commission website: 
• Fulbright-Lloyd’s of London Scholar Award
• Fulbright-Lloyd’s of London Postgraduate Award 

During 2018/2019, we are supporting three academics to carry out risk related research. Please click on their names below to find out more about their research.