Freie Universität Scholarships for International Students in Germany

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The call for applications for the funding period 2019/20 is open from July 1 to August 5, 2019.

You may find information about the application process and the required documents on this site and in the FAQ. Please read the points listed below carefully before you start to fill in the online application form (under "Application process and required application documents").

Expected number of scholarships in this period: 50 (as of July 10, 2019, subject to modification)

Scholarships available to students from all departments: 30

Scholarships available to students of specific departments: 20
Some private sponsors decide to support students of specific departments or subjects:

  • Art History
  • Business Administration
  • Education Science
  • Humanities
  • Information Systems
  • Islamic Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Primary Education (STEM subjects)
  • Social Science
  • Statistics
  • STEM subjects with a teacher-training-component
  • STEM subjects

Selection criteria

As this is a merit-based scholarship program, scholarships will be awarded by the selection committee based primarily on academic merit. Additionally, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Awards, prizes, scholarships, work activities, work in a family business and internships. Internships will only be recognized in the selection process if they are voluntary and additional internships that are not included in the curriculum and are not recognized as part of the requirements for your degree and if they total at least 120 hours. Please do not list any other internships in your application. ONLY LIST ACTIVITIES IN YOUR APPLICATION FOR WHICH YOU PROVIDE CERTIFICATES/ DOCUMENTATION WITH YOUR APPLICATION, AS THE AFOREMENTIONED CRITERIA WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IN THE SELECTION PROCESS IF CERTIFICATES ARE PROVIDED. ONLY LIST WORK ACTIVITIES AND INTERNSHIPS DONE AFTER 01/2016.
  2. Volunteer work, social or political commitment (activities without pay in clubs, churches, social projects, political activities, in school or university committees etc.). ONLY LIST ACTIVITIES IN YOUR APPLICATION FOR WHICH YOU PROVIDE CERTIFICATES/ DOCUMENTATION WITH YOUR APPLICATION, AS THE AFOREMENTIONED CRITERIA WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IN THE SELECTION PROCESS IF CERTIFICATES ARE PROVIDED. ONLY LIST  ACTIVITIES DONE AFTER 01/2016.
  3. Personal circumstances and family background (chronic illness, disabilities, taking care of children or other relatives who require care, educational level of parents, immigrant family background)

Application Deadline: August 5, 2019, 23.59 pm CET

Closing date: complete applications must be received by the University on this day at the latest. Incomplete applications or applications that are not submitted in due time will not be considered in the selection process.

Application Process

To apply, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Fill in and submit (click “send”) the online application form,
  2. Prepare all required application documents
  3. Submit the application documents compiled in one single pdf file by email or post (required documents are listed in the next paragraph) by August 05, 2019.

Required Application Documents

  • Matriculation certificate of the next fall/winter semester indicating Fachsemester and Hochschulsemester (if it is not yet available, it can be submitted subsequently until Sep. 30, 2019)
  • High school and university/college certificates and transcripts of academic records:
  1. University entrance qualification/ Abitur (not required if you are a master’s student),
  2. University degree (if you already graduated) or a study overview, if your certificate has not been issued yet,
  3. Transcript of academic records, for example Leistungsübersicht from Campus Management (transcript of your courses and grades; please be aware of the information below in paragraph “Certificates”),
  4. If your grades are from a foreign education system: documents indicating your grade converted into the German grading system (for example the Uni-Assist report (Prüfbericht) if you applied for your study program via Uni-Assist e.V.).
  • Certificates of awards and prizes, documentation of scholarships, employment and internships, volunteer work and social or political activities etc. (refer to “Selection Criteria” 1) and 2)).
  • If you would like to apply for a scholarship in the entrepreneurial field: documentation of any activities in this area (e.g., setting up your own business, participating in the Business Plan Contest, Funpreneur Contest, etc.).
  • One recent letter of recommendation of a professor (or a teacher if you haven’t studied at university level before). Please use this form: English (doc), English (pdf), German (doc), German (pdf).

All documents must be compiled in one single pdf file. The file name must include your last name. Please limit your file size to a maximum of 10MB!

A certified German translation is required if documents are not issued in German or English

Incomplete applications and applications not submitted in due time will not be considered in the process of selecting scholarship holders. Only the matriculation certificate can be handed in after the application deadline. Any other document submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Please read the online application form carefully and prepare your application accordingly. Make sure to collect all the necessary information before filling in and submitting the online application. For later changes you have to complete the whole apllication form again. We will only include your latest application form for the selection process.

When filling in the online application form, please do not make use of paragraph markers, semicolons (;), quote signs (", '), HTML-Tags as they may cause errors in the form.

Application documents will not be sent back to applicants. Unsuccessful applicants can collect their application documents at the office (Geschäftsstelle Deutschlandstipendium) within six months after receiving notification.

Certificates / Grade Point Average

Please submit a Transcript of Records including your grades and credits.

Enrolled Students of Freie Universität Berlin

Please submit a Transcript of Records from Campus Management (Leistungsübersicht über abgeschlossene Modulleistungen). Certificates of individual Examinations (Modul-, Prüfungs-, Anerkennungs- or Anmeldungsbescheinigungen) are not required.

Only classes (Module) that are listed as completed with the credits you earned in Campus Management can be considered in calculating your grade point average. If completed courses or grades are missing in your transcript, you can ask your professors or the relevant examinations office (Prüfungsbüro) to complete them in Campus Management. Please note that this may take some time and plan ahead.

Calculating Your Grade Point Average

The grade point average is indicated on the transcript of records or Leistungsübersicht which you can obtain from Campus Management. According to specifications in the Rahmenstudien- und Prüfungsordnung der Freien Universität Berlin (§18, Absatz 3): your grade point average is calculated as follows:

To calculate your grade point average multiply each grade with the respective number of credits earned for this grade, then add the results of the multiplication and divide the sum by the number of the credits. Do not include general professional skills courses (ABV Module). If you are in a degree program with a teacher-training component (Lehramtsbezug), you need to include LBWmodules in the calculation.

If your department does not use Campus Management, ask the office in charge (examinations office/Prüfungsbüro) for a transcript of academic records (Leistungsübersicht) indicating a grade point average.

Subjects That Do Not Use Campus Management:

  • Pharmacy before the first state examination: Please hand in a transcript of your Academic Records (Leistungsübersicht) from the Institute’s office/Sekretariat and enter the average grade in the online application form.
  • Pharmacy after the first state examination: Please hand in documentation of your first state examination and enter the average grade of the first state examination in the online application form.
  • Veterinary medicine: Please hand in certificates of examinations (Tierärztliche Prüfungen) from the Prüfungsausschuss für Tierärztliche Prüfungen and enter the average grade of those examinations in the online application form.
  • Law: Please hand in a transcript of your academic records from the examinations office/Prüfungsbüro and enter the average grade of your grades in the online application form.

Grades of Foreign Grading Systems

A certified German translation is required if documents are not issued in German or English.

Please enter your grades according to the German grading system, i.e., as indicated in your letter from Uni-Assist e.V. (“Uni-Assist Prüfbericht”). If your grades are from a foreign educational system and have not been converted to the German grading system, please enter your foreign grade and add an explanation under item 7.

The Selection Process

After the application deadline, the selection committee will evaluate the applications according to the selection criteria named in the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz and the Stipendienprogramm-Verordnung. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their applications. The selection will be made approx. in October, and information about the outcome will be mailed approx. in November.


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