How to do things with early modern words: Interdisciplinary opportunities, dialogues, and methodologies 2020 Conference

Страна: Великобритания

Город: Loughborough

Тезисы до: 23.09.2019

Даты: 23.04.20 — 25.04.20

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Организаторы: Loughborough University


2020 will see the publication of the first two volumes of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Aphra Behn. Editing Aphra Behn’s remarkable oeuvre has involved an international and interdisciplinary team of scholars, drawing on expertise from across the humanities.

‘How to do things with early modern words’, a three-day conference to mark the 350th anniversary of the start of Behn’s public career, aims to celebrate and develop interdisciplinary approaches to early modern studies. Bringing together researchers working in all fields represented within the edition, including literature, history, theatre history, language, and digital humanities, between 1500 and 1750, the conference will explore cutting-edge themes, perspectives and approaches in scholarship on the early modern world.

The keynote speakers will be Dr Ruth Ahnert, Professor Martin Dzelzainis, Professor Tim Harris, and Professor Terttu Nevalainen.

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