51st Annual Convention of Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA 2020)

Страна: США

Город: Boston

Тезисы до: 30.09.2018

Даты: 05.03.20 — 08.03.20

Расскажите коллегам:

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: support@nemla.org

Организаторы: Boston University; University at Buffalo,


The theme of NeMLA 2020 is "Shaping and Sharing Identities: Spaces, Places, Languages, and Cultures"--a topic embracing the many facets that define each and every human being across cultures and languages, as well as the many ways in which we interact with each other in today's rapidly changing global world. 

Веб-сайт конференции: https://www.buffalo.edu/nemla/convention.html