International Conference on Information Science and Communications Technologies ICISCT 2019 - Applications, Trends and Opportunities

Страна: Узбекистан

Город: Tashkent

Тезисы до: 10.09.2019

Даты: 04.11.19 — 06.11.19

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Организаторы: IEEE


The 2019 IEEE and IFIP International Conference in central Asia on Information Science and Communications Technologies ICISCT 2019 invites high-quality recent research results in the areas of Home and Health networking, Electronic commerce, Mobility and Mobile Payment, Broadband access, satellite services, 5G in rural communications, cloud computing, Smart grids, Big data analysis, Cyber security, Internet-of-Things IOT, Mobile and Wireless Communications, optical communications and networking, architectures, protocols, planning and design, management and operation, simulation and performance modeling. ICISCT2019 conference is the application of the next generation of information and communications technologies on Education, Telemedicine, Finance and Economy, Social Science, Business and Government. ICISCT2019 seeks to address and capture highly innovative and state of the art research and work in the area of information and communications technologies including wireless and Optical communications networks. The Authors can present their finding on wireless quality of service, resource management, Ad Hoc and sensor networks. Radio interface design, adaptive antennas and arrays and indoor propagation, measurement and predictions. ICISCT2019 is seeking papers in the area: Photonic devices and integration, Optoelectronic integration including devices and materials, Optical networks and transmission systems, Novel fibers and fiber-based devices, Transmission systems and networks, Photonics sensors and sensor networks, Microwave photonics and optical signal processing. Information science papers include knowledge that provides theoretical basis for information technology. It includes computer science, library science, artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, and theory of problem solving. The main goal of the conference is to bring together scientists and engineers who work and teach in these specialized fields to submit papers and come together in this geographical location. ICISCT 2019 is sponsored and organized by IEEE Uzbekistan Regional Chapter and Tashkent University of Information Technologies TUIT and Technically Sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society .

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