The Web Conference 2020

Страна: Тайвань

Город: Taipei

Тезисы до: 07.10.2019

Даты: 20.04.20 — 24.04.20

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Since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989, The Web Conference (formerly known as The WWW Conference) is a yearly international conference on the topic of the World Wide Web. This conference has been the premier venue addressing the evolution and current state of the Web through the lens of computer science, computational social science, economics, public policy, and Web-based applications. The Conference assembles scholars, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and end-users with one unifying goal: to envision and create the future of the Web.

Over the past three decades, The Web Conference has been the forum where some of the most fundamental web technologies have been introduced. These groundbreaking technologies have improved our daily lives. The Conference has also inspired new ideas for business, communication, and entertainment, such as e-commerce, online-shopping, Web/mobile payments, Web TV/phones, and Web banking. Nearly all online systems today employ Web technologies, connecting every corner of the world.

We are happy to announce that The Web Conference will reconvene in Taipei, the Heart of Asia, in April 2020, at a time when more than 60% of the world's population will be connected. There we will reflect on the past 30 years of the Web, share the latest research findings, and plan for the future of Web-based technologies. The Conference will host three keynote speakers and highlight numerous research tracks, workshops and tutorials, a Ph.D. consortium, as well as several theme-based tracks: AIoT(AI+IoT+5G), History of Web, The Intelligent Web, The Web Renovation, and The Asia Silicon Valley Plan. The full program of the Conference will bring together some of the most prominent and influential researchers, developers, policymakers, and thinkers in the areas of big data, artificial intelligence, healthcare, computer science, computational social science, public policy, law, and human rights. The Conference will build upon its stellar traditions, creating the Web of the future – a Web that is diverse, neutral, and balanced, and that truly lives up to its dream of democratizing access to content.

Taipei, is a bustling metropolis with a variety of abundant cultural activities. Taipei has been transformed into a “Smart City,” boasting over 9,000 free Wi-Fi spots and applying pioneering technologies to the urban infrastructure. As Taiwan lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia -- to the north lies Japan, to the south is the Philippines -- there are many airlines serving this amazing island, making it a stunning travel destination. We look forward to seeing you in Taipei.

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