32nd European Academy Of Childhood Disability Annual Meeting 2020

Страна: Польша

Город: Poznan

Тезисы до: 17.11.2019

Даты: 17.06.20 — 20.06.20

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: contact@eacd2020.org

Организаторы: European Academy Of Childhood Disability


With the motto “FROM CHILDHOOD TO ADULTHOOD WITH DISABILITY” we invite authors from all fields and professions surrounding children with disabilities to submit their topics. We propose four main modules/fields of knowledge to guide the full range of conference topics:

I. musculoskeletal disorders
II. comorbidities
III. technological support of the rehabilitation process
IV. neuroplasticity

The main goals of the conference are to present the latest knowledge, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic trends, and to create a forum for meetings and interdisciplinary discussions between specialists in the field of childhood disabilities including physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists and biomedical and biomechanics engineers, orthotists. The conference will centre on the process of growing up and crossing the border into adulthood with a disability present since childhood. We aim to address the key elements supporting the process of transition and facilitating the therapeutic management along the life course.

All abstracts related to childhood and young persons’ disabilities are welcome, including those on treatment, prevention, early detection, early intervention, transition and lifespan issues, parents’ and siblings’ experiences, adult research, health systems, engineering in disability, basic sciences, social science research and ethics.

The following topics are a non-exclusive list of themes suggested by the scientific committee for free communications:
o Motor and non-motor interventions (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, environment)
o Technology-assisted rehabilitation (robotics, exergaming, telerehabilitation mobile applications, etc)
o Assistive devices and technology solutions (for movement, communication, learning, etc) improving daily life tasks and quality of life
o Orthotics
o Orthopaedic surgery (hip surveillance, hip pain, mini-invasive procedures)
o Neurosurgery
o Palliative care and pain
o Gene therapy, stem cell therapy, neuroprotection and pharmacology
o Novel therapies for rare childhood diseases
o Innovation in diagnostics and assessments
o Neuroplasticity
o Musculoskeletal imagery, modeling and pathophysiology
o Movement analysis and biomechanics
o Measures across ICF
o Cognitive and language assessments
o Visual impairment
o Epilepsy
o Autism spectrum disorders
o Enhancing participation
o Child and family centered research and care
o Epidemiology, registry based research
o Lifespan perspectives
o Sexuality and disability
o Sports, leisure and community inclusion


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