European Solidarity Corps volunteering opportunities in Denmark

Страна: Дания;

Дедлайн: 10.11.2019



Below you will find details of the European Solidarity Corps volunteering opportunities which are offered through AFS Interkultur.

Under each project you will find such details as description of activity, programme start and length, when and how to apply, application forms and much more.

Please keep in mind that:

  • this programme only accepts applicants of the age of: 18 – 30 years old
  • this is a long term project and the activity periods stated below are binding

The projects stating “NOT RECRUITING” do not recruite volunteers at the moment. The others are open and you can apply!

Kassebølle Friskole is a 140-year-old “free school” with lots of traditions, which is located in the middle part of Langeland, fantastically placed in rural surroundings close to forest, beach, and the sea, and still only a few minutes’ drive from Rudkøbing on Langeland. Langeland is an island in the southern Funen archipelago of Denmark. It’s about 45 km long and has approximately 12,600 inhabitants.

Kassebølle Friskole has approximately 100 pupils from kindergarten class to 9th grade in the current school year and has its own afterschool program with approximately 1/3 of the schools’ primary level pupils attending (grades 0th – 5th). There are 8 teachers in the school and 2 adults in the afterschool program. The school has since 2003 had the lower secondary school (grades 7th – 9th) and through this the school is offering the “Primary and Lower-secondary School Leaving Certificate” (folkeskolens afgangsprøve), and furthermore electives are offered in the lower secondary school which has a more creative character and a good number of hours per week.

At the school there is ample opportunity for physical activities as it is situated on a large plot with soccer field, campfire site, nature playground, sandboxes, swings, climbing tower, shelter and much more. There is also plenty of forest, thicket and lovely old crooked trees, where the children climb and make hide-outs.

Kassebølle Friskole is a creative, academically well-founded and project-oriented “free school” based on the Grundtvig-Koldian perspective on school and life, and this means that the school does not profess to a certain ideology or a certain pedagogical principle.

The school attaches great importance to teaching in a homely, present, and safe environment, taking into account the individual’s personality and development stages, as well as what the child is susceptible to. Therefore, one of the principles is that there should be no more than 18 pupils in each class. There are also several classes that are taught together, e.g., grade 4 and grade 5 is taught together as one group.

At Kassebølle Friskole interdisciplinary and fluent transitions between subjects where this feels natural and encouraging for a holistic understanding of human life is very important. It means to cater for the pupil’s education and formation the best possible way.

For more information:

The school’s web page:

The school’s Facebook page:

Activity period

August 15th 2020 – 14th August 2021

In order to apply please fill out the application form by following the link HERE and send it along with your CV to as soon as possible and before the November 10th 2019. If you have been shortlisted for the project we will contact you for a skype interview before the February 1st 2020.

Please be aware that your application and supporting documents will be shared with people involved in the selection process within AFS Interkultur Denmark and within the hosting project. If you are selected for the position, your application will also be shared with AFS local chapter, your mentor and your host family. We look forward to receiving your application provided you can accept this.

Volunteer profile

We prefer a mature volunteer with an interest in children and youth in a school context. We expect the volunteer to speak either English or German fluently and participate in a supportive way, e.g., in language teaching. The volunteer must have familiarized him(her-)self with the school’s values and be loyal to these thoughts.


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