Scholarships Provided by Middle East Technical University

Страна: Турция;

Дедлайн: 01.02.2020



We would like to assist our international students in financial terms and we want our international students to enjoy the same limited scholarships provided to Turkish students. METU provides several scholarships such as meal scholarship, dormitory scholarship, and aid in the form of cash by METU Development Foundation. For our international students to apply for mentioned forms of scholarships, they need to submit the documents mentioned below to METU Scholarship and Tuition Fee Office, located in Faculty of Arts and Letters, 2nd Floor, METU-Ankara. Applications which do not have all asked documents are not to be evaluated. Applications for scholarships can only be done by directly submitting the required documents to Scholarship and Tuition Fee Office. Documents sent online or online application requests will not be evaluated.

For students to apply for mentioned scholarships, they need to submit:

  1. A signed petition with explicit contact information which states the reasons for applying to scholarships in detail.
  2. Relevant documents which can prove and substantiate the details and problems stated in the written petition.

Since the problem encountered by students may have different reasons and sources, there is no specific document by METU. Students are expected to provide the document which evinces for their financial problems, loss or other problems which have financial results and creates the need for scholarships.

Unless there are exceptional and urgent cases which needs immediate attention, applications for mentioned scholarships can be done between periods stated below. If there is an unexpected and urgent case, students can apply for besides these periods. However, if their case is not considered expectional and urgent, their application outside these durations will not evaluated.

For Fall Semesters: September - October

For Spring Semesters: February - March


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