International e-Engineering Education Services Conference

Страна: Иордания

Город: Petra

Тезисы до: 12.01.2020

Даты: 23.06.20 — 24.06.20

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Организаторы: Tafila Technical University; with support of IEEE


The INTERNATIONAL e-ENGINEERING EDUCATION SERVICES CONFERENCE (e-ENGINEERING'2020) is the world's premier forum dedicated to presenting and discussing e-Engineering courses implementation. The goal is to exchange ideas and best practices in all aspects related to the set up of e-Engineering courses, with a focus on undergraduate and graduate courses as well as vocational and lifelong learning training.

The conference seeks to disseminate the concept of e-Engineering, and the responses it brings to the continuous need for enlarging and improving engineering education in a rapidly changing world.

e-ENGINEERING'2020 will take place at the Petra Marriott Hotel, near the ancient archaeological site of Petra, Jordan, and it is organised by the Tafila Technical University (TTU).

You are invited to participate and submit your contributions to e-ENGINEERING'2020. The areas of interest include (but are not limited to) the following e-Engineering topics:

  • Implementation strategies
    • Curriculum building
    • Course organization
    • Learning platforms
    • Learning strategies
    • Learning scenarios
  • Pedagogical aspects
    • Pedagogical innovations
    • Gamification strategies
    • e-Lecturing and e-Tutoring
    • Students assessment and e-Rubric
  • Remote experimentation
    • Simulation tools
    • Virtual laboratories
    • Virtual instrumentation interfaces
    • Remote laboratories
    • Remote robotic laboratories
    • Remote experiments interfaces
    • Scheduling access to remote experiments
    • Security issues
  • Organizational aspects
    • Teachers training
    • Technicians training
    • Financial models
    • Teachers’ payment
    • Quality assessment
    • Accreditation processes
    • Legal aspects
  • Course examples
    • Successful implementations of e-Engineering courses
  • Any other aspects related to e-Engineering courses

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