Lecturer in Environmental Nanoscience - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences [closing 17.01.20]

Страна: Великобритания;

Город: Edgbaston

Добавлена: 02.12.2019

Работодатель: School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham UK

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Для кого: For lecturers;

Дедлайн подачи: 17.01.2020


The post will complement existing research activity in applications and implications of nanomaterials in the environment, focussing on nanotechnology-based solutions to current environmental challenges.  

We particularly seek applicants who will complement existing strengths and build research that will link to industry.  This might include the design of innovative nanotechnology based environmental remediation (air, water and soil pollution), nanoscale processes in waste treatment and management or other environmental applications, metal cycling in natural and/or engineered systems, strategies for nano-waste recovery, development of substitutes for critical raw materials and/or enhanced agriculture approaches based on nanotechnologies.  Research areas may link to one or more of pollution, circular economy, precision agriculture, environmental modelling or nanoinformatics; relevance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is also welcomed. 

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Applicants must demonstrate (or show potential for) international excellence in their respective research area, including an appropriate track record in publishing work of the highest academic quality, development of impact from research, and an emerging track record for obtaining external research funding from sources such as UKRI, ISCF, GCRF or industry.  Applicants must have a commitment to delivering excellent teaching and learning at all levels, and to communicating the relevance and impact of their research to stakeholders.  Alongside research, the role will support delivery of our Environmental Science undergraduate course and Masters programmes, including the MRes Environmental and Biological Nanosciences, including delivery of lectures, workshops, field course teaching, dissertation supervision and tutorials, alongside associated assessment and marking.  

There are significant opportunities for interdisciplinary activities within the School and across campus. There is an expectation that appointees will engage internationally, building on the strong track record already established in the School of drawing down GCRF/Newton funding, and through a Global Engagement strategy that has partnerships in Brazil, China, India and North America as well as through Universitas 21. The successful candidate will join a young and thriving School of around 90 academic staff, alongside postdoctoral research fellows and professional services staff, and ca. 1200 undergraduate, MSc and PhD students.  

Role Purpose

To conduct original internationally leading research leading to demonstrable impact and to conduct excellent teaching through developing and delivering undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD programmes, as appropriate to the disciplinary area. In addition, to contributing to the department/school through management/leadership, and enterprise activities, as appropriate.

Summary of role

Contribute to the whole range of research, teaching and administration. 

Research will involve initiating, conducting and disseminating original internationally leading research, through internationally excellent publications.   The research has measurable outcomes and is reflected in a growing national and international reputation.  Maximising the impact from our research, and collaborations with industrial funders and end-users, are key considerations.

Teaching is likely to include a substantial contribution to support delivery of the undergraduate BSc Environmental Sciences programme, and Masters courses in the Environmental Health area, including the MRes Human and Environmental Impacts of Nanoscience, as appropriate to background. Contribute to the development of other School postgraduate programmes to increase overseas student recruitment, include delivery of lectures, workshops, field course teaching, dissertation supervision and tutorials, alongside associated assessment and marking.   

Management and administration is likely to involve contributions at Programme and School level, and/or assuming managerial/leadership activities as deemed appropriate by the Head of School.  This may include developing and making substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement, widening participation, schools outreach,  or similar activities at Department/School level or further within the University.

Main duties


To design and implement research, using appropriate methodology and techniques.  This may include, where appropriate:

• Pursue personal research including developing research ideas and winning support, including financial support, from government funders and industry

• Plan, publish and/or execute high quality research

• Project manage research activities, and/or supervise other research staff

• Present findings in high quality publications and conference proceedings

• Develop novel methodologies and techniques appropriate to the type of research being pursued

• Supervise and examine PhD students, both within the institution and externally

• Provide expert advice to staff and students within the discipline

• Apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual understanding

• Develop and make substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, and enterprise (including business engagement, public engagement) and similar activity that is of manifest benefit to the College and the University.

Learning and Teaching

To use a variety of methods in teaching and advising individuals and groups of undergraduates, postgraduates, or CPD students.  This may include:

• Teach and examine courses at a range of levels (i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate and higher research degrees)

• Plan and review own teaching approaches and act as a mentor to encourage others to do the same

• Develop programme proposals and make substantial contributions to the design of teaching programmes more widely in the School, as appropriate

• Where appropriate, undertake and develop the full range of responsibilities in relation to supervision, marking and examining (including summative assessment, assessed work, contributing to the final award – as a mark or as credit – such as unseen examinations, essays, dissertations or presentations.

• Use appropriate approaches to learning and teaching in the field 

• Disseminate appropriate practices through suitable media

• Develop and advise others on learning and teaching tasks and methods

• Develop and make substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement,  public engagement activities or similar on own specialism that enhances the student experience or employability and is of manifest benefit to the College and University

• Devise and supervise projects, student dissertations and practical work 


To contribute to Departmental/School administration or have a high level of responsibility for others. This may include:

• Contribute to the administration/management of research and/or teaching across the Department/School 

• Lead  and manage  a team to devise and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. new programme or a recruitment drive)

• Advise on personal development of colleagues and students

• Make a major contribution to some administrative activities within the University (e.g. appeals panels, working groups)

• Manage enterprise, business development, and public engagement activities of manifest benefit to the College and University

• Develop and make substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement, widening participation, schools outreach.

Person specification 

• An enthusiastic and committed approach to University research and education

• A higher degree relevant to the research/teaching area (usually PhD) or equivalent qualifications

• Experience, or potential, for excellence in research and in teaching, within subject specialism

• Proven ability to devise, advise on and manage student learning and research


• Experience or potential for planning, undertaking and project managing research to deliver high quality results, including securing external funding

• Extensive experience of applying and/or developing and devising successful models, techniques and methods

• Appropriate track record of high quality publications

• Experience and achievement  in knowledge transfer, enterprise and similar activity

• Potential to engage with industrial funders and/or end-users in chosen area

• An emerging international reputation in research area, as appropriate to career stage


• Ability to design, deliver, assess and revise teaching programmes

• Experience and demonstrated success in, or potential for, developing appropriate approaches to learning and teaching, and advising colleagues 

• Experience and success in, or potential for, knowledge transfer, enterprise and similar activity that enhances the student experience or employability

Management / Administration

• Ability to contribute to School management processes

• Ability to assess and organise resources effectively

• Understanding of and ability to contribute to broader management/administration processes

Informal inquiries are encouraged and can be made to William Bloss (Head of School; w.j.bloss@bham.ac.uk) or Roy Harrison (Head of Environmental Health Sciences Research Theme; r.m.harrison@bham.ac.uk).

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