IUNC Istanbul Workshop 2020

Страна: Турция

Город: Istanbul

Тезисы до: 17.02.2020

Даты: 17.02.20 — 19.02.20

Область наук: Филологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: ag@iunc.net

Организаторы: Eastern European University Association


IUNC Istanbul Workshop 2020 is the BUSINESS event, focused on the establishing cooperation between Universities/Colleges/Language schools and Student Recruitment Agencies from the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.
This exclusive face-to-face networking event is specially designed to connect educators from around the world with CEO of Recruitment Agencies.
The event is featured with match-making and allocated networking.

No sessions, no presentations, no small talks.
Business negotiations with the relevant partners only.



Why participate?

The IUNC will help you to find relevant
Student Recruitment Agencies


The purpose-oriented event

  • well defined aim of the event ensuring fruitful results
  • attended by CEO of leading Student Recruitment Agencies form specific region
  • no irrelevant meetings


Networking & Personal Negotiations

  • pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings (business appointments)
  • an opportunity to establish cooperation with Student Recruitment Agencies from countries where need them more
  • a chance to increase cooperation with existing partner agencies


Pre-scheduling activities

  • easy-manageable agenda (e-scheduler will do a match-making, find available time-slot and appoint all meetings for you)
  • time-saving technologies (it will take about 30 min to get familiar and make up your agenda)
  • you will not be lost at the conference! You will have your personal negotiation table marked with your institution name and branding opportunities



  • IUNC workshop is an "all-inclusive" event (the registration fee covers all sessions, one-to-one meetings, campus-tour, all meals according to the Program)
  • The early bird discounts let save up to €200 per participant
  • Additional benefits & discount for speakers


Convenient date & place

IUNC venues are gorgeous all year round. You will be fascinated by world-famous places of interest, outstanding historical and cultural landmarks and green parks.


Easy traveling

  • it is an easy place to get to (direct flights from almost all countries)
  • interesting traveling destination, plenty of places world-famous places of interest, vibrant atmosphere, great cultural experience

Веб-сайт конференции: https://www.iunc.net/educators-mea