International Need-Based Scholarship at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Дедлайн: 01.01.2020



WPI offers limited financial assistance to international (non-immigrant) students. We cannot, however, guarantee meeting applicants' full financial need.

Financial assistance is only offered to international students who enter as first-year students – no assistance is available to international transfer students. Financial assistance should be considered secondary to family, government, and other sponsor support for the student's studies.

WPI does not offer any financial packages that exceed the cost of tuition. To be considered for financial assistance, students must demonstrate a minimum family contribution of $22,000 per year to cover all living and travel expenses.  Students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS Profile (WPI school code 3969) along with their application for admission.

All international applicants who are not applying for financial aid should complete and submit WPI’s Certification of Finances Form (PDF)  demonstrating their ability to pay the full cost of attendance.  This form is required only for students accepted to the university and who will enroll. Students applying for financial aid should submit only the CSS Profile at the time of application.

How do I apply?

Students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS Profilewith their application for admission. International students not applying for financial aid should submit the Certification of Finances Form (PDF) documenting their ability to pay the full cost of attendance.

Please visit the Admissions Office's page about financing your education as an international student.

Returning International Students do not need to reapply for financial aid each year. For additional questions, please contact