5-6 PhD scholarships; 22-26 MA scholarships (Central European University Vienna)

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Дедлайн: 30.01.2020

Веб-сайт: hsozkult.de


The Department of Medieval Studies at the Central European University is pleased to announce its call for applications for graduate programs

- 1-year MA in Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (10 months, 12-14 students admitted / year)

- 2-year MA in Comparative History: Late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Studies in collaboration with the Department of History (20 months, 10-12 students / year)

- PhD in Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (3 to 6 years, 5-6 students / year)

offering tuition waivers and scholarships for the majority of students.

We provide comparative and multi-disciplinary postgraduate education on all aspects of the history and culture of the period between c.300 and c.1600, including the following fields of study:

- Archaeology
- Art history
- Environmental and landscape studies
- Hagiography and religious studies
- Late Antique and Byzantine studies
- Manuscript studies and palaeography
- Material culture
- Medieval Judaism
- Ottoman studies
- Philosophy and theology
- Political history and political thought
- Social and economic history
- Urban history

In 1991 CEU was founded with a mission. That mission—educating free minds for a free society—is more urgent than ever. We recently opened a new campus in Vienna, because the current legal and political environment made our US degree programs impossible to operate in Hungary. At our new campus in Vienna, we now offer our world-ranked master’s and doctoral programs that are currently accredited in the US and Hungary and will most probably be accredited in Austria very soon.

CEU has always stood for academic freedom and teaching excellence and we are dedicated to provide you with an experience of intellectual freedom that will change your life. As we open a new chapter at our new campus in Vienna, we encourage you to apply and become part of our community.

More information about the application process can be found at: https://medievalstudies.ceu.edu/. Interested applicants can contact us at medstud@ceu.edu. Our coordinator, Ms. Csilla Dobos, is also happy to answer further questions at Dobos@ceu.edu.

We also offer a two-year MA program in Cultural Heritage Studies.
Although part of the Department of Medieval Studies, this truly global and interdisciplinary program is not focused exclusively on the Middle Ages.

CEU's Cultural Heritage Studies two-year MA Program, working in close cooperation with the Department of Medieval Studies, combines theoretical approaches to cultural heritage with practical knowledge through fieldwork and internships at heritage organizations. The result is hands-on, thorough academic training that prepares future heritage experts and practitioners with a critical understanding of the historical, social, policy and management aspects of tangible, intangible, and environmental heritage. The educational program builds on the resources of two culturally vivid capitals, Budapest and Vienna, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, with at least a BA in any field related to cultural heritage, such as historical studies, art history, archaeology, the creative and performing arts, architecture and urban development, sociology, anthropology, international relations, and management. Our faculty's expertise crosses borders and disciplines, including anthropologists specializing in African and American cultures, international heritage law experts, and historians and archaeologists with experience in European and Asian projects. The program has a strong accent on Central European heritage with a global perspective.

Concerning the Cultural Heritage Studies more information about the application process can be found on our departmental website:
https://medievalstudies.ceu.edu/chs The program coordinator, Ágnes Drosztmér is also ready to answer further questions coming from colleagues or students at culther@ceu.edu.


Csilla Dobos
Academic and PhD Program Coordinator
Budapest, Nádor utca 9
Faculty Tower | 502
+36 1 327-3002


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