6th International Conference on Food Oral Processing Physics, Physiology and Psycholgy

Страна: Испания

Город: Valencia

Тезисы до: 15.03.2020

Даты: 05.07.20 — 08.07.20

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: sfiszman@iata.csic.es

Организаторы: https://congresos.adeituv.es/FOP_2020/paginas/pagina_550_1.en.html


Aimed at deepening the understanding and interplay of food structure, oral breakdown, in-mouth food trajectory and human perception.

Food Oral Processing (FOP) is one of the hottest topics in Food Science. Its development in recent years has been dramatic because it involves multiple and interrelated disciplines as oral activity, sensory perception, nutrition and metabolism, oral physiology, food structure and design through in-vivo, in-vitro, and in-silico approaches.  

In addition, the Conference will provide an excellent opportunity for industrial researchers to meet with academics from different disciplines for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations.

Covered Topics:

FOP and sensory perception
Texture perception, Mouthfeel, Mouth coating, Aroma release, Taste release, Dynamic sensory perception, FOP, liking and expectations, Texture perception acuity, Lubrication perception, Moisture perception, 

FOP and nutrition and metabolism
Oral digestion, Bioaccesability and biodisponibility after mastication, Glycaemic index, Starch digestibility-FOP related, Satiety/ satiation, Food exposure duration,

Oral physiology and FOP 
Oral physiological features, biting, swallowing, saliva and saliva secretion, bolus image analysis and granulometry, Bolus rheology, In-vitro mastication, Video recording of oral activity, Saliva flow, production, and composition, Electromyography, Swallowing and bolus elongational rheology, Videofluorography, Jaw tracking, Tongue pressure, Lubrication and tribology,

FOP across lifespan and for specific populations
Oral comfort perception, Oral health status and FOP, Hyposalivation, Age-related sensory capabilities, Ethnicity-, and Gender-related Fop featurres, Individual differences, Eating capability, Masticatory performance, Pre-chewed food and pieces size for children, Dysphagia, Texture design and modification for specific populations

Designing food for tailored FOP
FOP and food structure, texture, and rheology, Structural breakdown, Texture contrast, Texture complexity, Sodium release, Mucoadhesion and food design, Particle adhesion and cohesion, 

Assessment and modelling of food structure and oral processing
Food structure and texture, Oral processing and oral movement, Sensory analysis, Brain functions, MRI analysis, Human testing, Eating and swallowing simulators, Statistics, Ethical guidelines, 

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