Linguistic Illusions in Sentence Processing 2020 Workshop

Страна: Германия

Город: Konstanz

Тезисы до: 15.03.2020

Даты: 08.09.20 — 09.09.20

Область наук: Филологические;

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Организаторы: University of Konstanz, Department of Linguistics & partners


We are very pleased to announce the workshop “Linguistic illusions in sentence processing”, hosted by the Research Unit “Questions at the Interfaces”, the project “The Multilingual Mind”, and the Centre for Multilingualism, to be held at the University of Constance (Germany), September 8 and 9, 2020.

This workshop will provide a platform bringing together researchers working on different linguistic illusions in sentence processing. We will discuss the interplay of different linguistic and nonlinguistic processes reflected in these illusions, and the wide array of diagnostics and tools used in this field. Our goal is to identify the overarching questions in the research of illusions, and to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of the parallels and differences of the different phenomena currently subsumed under the umbrella term “linguistic illusions”.

Confirmed speakers: Markus Bader (U Frankfurt), Ian Cunnings (U Reading), Julie Franck (U Geneva), Colin Phillips (U Maryland)

Call for Papers:

We invite abstracts on psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic investigations of different linguistic illusions, for example attraction errors (number attraction, case attraction etc.) or intrusive licensing of negative or positive polarity items. We particularly welcome abstracts dealing with:

- the interplay between different components of grammar in sentence processing
- the connection between illusions in sentence processing and the theoretical background of the related phenomena
- the role of memory retrieval in sentence processing, and its interplay with linguistic processing
- effects of illusion in bi-/multilinguals
- comparisons of experimental outcomes and insights from modelling approaches

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