World Chemistry Congress 2020

Страна: Италия

Город: Florence

Тезисы до: 29.06.2020

Даты: 29.06.20 — 30.06.20

Область наук: Химические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Med2Pharm



Chemistry 2020 will include the participation of world-renowned speakers, academicians,
researchers, chemists, business experts and delegates across the globe and discuss the research and the
advancements in the field of chemistry. The conference will be a perfect platform to interact with the
eminent personalities in the field and thereby expanding your worldwide network of scholars and
professionals. The conference will include discussions on a wide range of topics related to chemistry at
all levels. It will help in understanding the current research which in turn will lead to the improvement in
steering a new dimension for discovery and such learning leads to development in fields like health,
physics, material science, and environment and in balancing the problem efficiently.

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