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Coming to terms with Nazi tyranny and fighting racism, anti-Semitism, racism against Roma and Sinti, and homophobia are important foundations of our democracy and liberal society. The "Young People Remember" federal program aims to provide greater support for commemorative institutions and the remembrance of Nazi injustice and enable more young people to engage with history. The EVZ Foundation implements internationally oriented parts of the "Young People Remember" federal program with funding from the Federal Foreign Office.



The deadline for the first call for applications in the "Young people remember” funding program, “Funding line: Bi- and multilateral youth encounters at historic sites of National Socialist persecution and extermination", has been extended to April 20, 2020.

The projects no longer have to begin on June 1, 2020. Please submit a coherent schedule that still plans for a project duration of 18 months ending no later than June 1, 2022. The start date can be set according to your scheduling.

The EVZ Foundation is aware that, due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the as yet unpredictable situation, some youth encounters may not be able to take place as set out in the application schedule. However, we are currently assuming that it will be possible to organize trips and encounters in 2021.

If this is not possible, we will find individual solutions with the project executing agencies of the selected projects. The jury meeting to select the projects is currently scheduled for the end of May.

We would be delighted if you could develop practical ideas in your application as to how activities within your project might also be implemented using virtual and digital formats. Young people could, for example, take virtual tours of the historic locations or participate in developing and organizing webinars and virtual conferences, setting up YouTube channels, and running social media campaigns, among other things.



The “Young people remember” funding program consists of three lines of funding:


1.  Bi- and multilateral youth encounters at historical sites of National Socialist persecution and extermination

By promoting international encounters between young people, the program aims to strengthen factual knowledge of the causes, developments, and dimensions of National Socialist crimes. In this context, particular importance is attached to developments ranging from devaluation and exclusion to the dehumanization of certain groups. The relevance of history and historical awareness and their relationship to the world young people live in is to play a key role in the projects. Through personal encounters at historical locations and engagement with historical events and experiences, the EVZ Foundation also strives to contribute to strengthening the European idea. It is important that the project work includes the broad spectrum of historical sites of Nazi persecution and extermination in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. former ghettos, forced labor camps, concentration camps, mass execution sites). Developing and testing new methods and formats for encounters between young people is the focus of this call for proposals. 


2. International exchange of expertise

Encounters between bi- and multilateral groups at authentic sites of National Socialist persecution allow participants to learn about history while relating it to present times in an intercultural setting and in a specific, sustainable way. These encounters are characterized by different perspectives and approaches that provide for their special quality. However, they also represent a particular challenge for the young people involved and the instructors from the formal and non-formal education sector who are working with them. The call for applications for the international exchange of expertise aims firstly to foster an exchange regarding the existing offers of the memorials and historical learning sites for international groups of young people. The second objective is to develop ideas for international workshops over multiple days which provide offers and help develop additional concepts for international youth encounters at memorials and historical sites. We want to encourage instructors and disseminators from non-formal educational settings as well as teachers and student teachers to make increased use of international encounters at sites where historical experiences took place in the course of their professional activities, and we aim to support them in this with further training.

Activities eligible for funding include preparing an idea and/or conducting bi- and multilateral workshops over multiple days to provide offers and develop concepts for international youth encounters at memorials or sites where historical experiences took place. These are to be tailored to the respective target group, including students who are studying to work as teachers or in the areas of education or social work, for student teachers who are working in the education system, or for teachers who completed their practical training eight years ago at most.

The duration is a maximum of 15 months.

The call for applications is currently planned to be published at the beginning of May. We will communicate the exact date, the potential funding amounts, as well as the application criteria and forms on our website as soon as possible.


3. Digital provision formats


The provision of knowledge and information and the critical examination of National Socialism are increasingly being carried out via digital formats and channels today. Historical revisionism and forms of antisemitism, anti-gypsyism, and group-focused enmity are gaining increasing influence in these areas (for example, online hate speech, new forms of antisemitism, and denial and falsification of the Holocaust). This part of the program therefore promotes the development of applications that establish links between digital methods and the authenticity of sites and historical experiences. The EVZ Foundation advances solutions that address educational challenges in the digital age and makes it possible to implement, test, evaluate, and further develop digital formats for a culture of remembrance on a European scale. Support is therefore also provided to international partnerships between educational organizations and stakeholders from the digital society in the civic tech area.

Funding is provided to projects such as those that develop, enhance, and/or test prototypes of digital tools and/or have a special effect in digital environments. These projects can be from the area of interactive biographies or virtual reality applications as well as from augmented reality, apps, serious games, or media stations. Funding is also provided to projects that are already implementing these tools in education and communication processes while also evaluating them or to projects that have an impact in the digital environment (for example, social media campaigns, bots, algorithmization, and interactive websites.)

The duration is a maximum of 12 months.

The call for applications is currently planned to be published at the end of June. We will communicate the exact date, the potential funding amounts, as well as the application criteria and forms on our website as soon as possible.


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