ILCSF 2020: Intonation, Language Contact and Social Factors

Страна: Испания

Город: Vitoria-Gasteiz

Тезисы до: 31.03.2020

Даты: 23.10.20 — 24.10.20

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Организаторы: University of the Basque Country


There is a growing field of research on phonetic and phonological issues of language contact and bilingualism/multilingualism, showing the influence of one language or language variety over another (henceforth LV-A and LV-B). Aspects of suprasegmental phonology have started receiving more attention, especially in prosody and intonation. See, among others, Elordieta (2003), Mennen (2004), Colantoni & Gurlekian (2004), O’Rourke (2005, 2012), Elordieta & Calleja (2005), Romera et al. (2008), Simonet (2010, 2011), Queen (2012), Robles-Puente (2012), Romera & Elordieta (2013, 2019), van Rijswijk & Muntendam (2014), Elordieta & Irurtzun (2016), Muntendam & Torreira (2016), Lai & Gooden (2018), Kozminska (2019), Baltazani et al. (2019a, 2019b), Elordieta & Romera (to appear). However, the presence of features of LV-A in LV-B is variable within the contact population. That is, speakers of LV-A may present different frequencies of occurrence of a given feature of LV-B, or, in other words, not all speakers of LV-A may adopt the feature or show its presence with the same consistency. Age, gender and educational level may play a role in such differences, but recent work reveals the importance of other social factors as well. On the one hand, the degree of contact of speakers of LV-A with speakers of LV-B. On the other, the attitudes of speakers of LV-A towards LV-B or the LV-B ethnolinguistic group. These factors may correlate with differences in the degree of presence of features of LV-B in LV-A.

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