Rethinking Childhood - International Scientific and Artistic Conference

Страна: Хорватия

Город: Zadar

Тезисы до: 01.06.2020

Даты: 24.09.20 — 26.09.20

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Организаторы: University of Zadar


Guided by modern scientific postulates that justify the scientific dialogue between different scientific fields, whilst striving for a more comprehensive approach to a particular scientific problem, the project is conceived as an interdisciplinary scientific dialogue between the fellow scholar participants, with the goal of merging various scientific, artistic and methodological perspectives in their studies of childhood. Postmodern paradigm shift in the perception of the child and the childhood, based on the change of the childhood image – from the child as a passive to an active member of the social community; from childhood as a developmental stage to the conception of childhood as a social construct – strongly influenced the social sciences and humanities, thus leading to the need for active reflection on the child and childhood. In postmodern scientific polyphony, it is justified to discuss the concept(s) of childhood as something structured upon different scientific discourses, as confirmed by the researchers and scientists from various scientific backgrounds that lately converge around the new paradigm of childhood studies.

Following the established framework, the conference will focus on the following general topics:

  • The institutional context of contemporary childhood
  • the familial context of contemporary childhood
  • the culture of childhood today
  • new literacy – the challenges of today

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