The Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship

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The Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship is awarded to one student on our Full-time MBA programme who is from outside the UK. The aim is to enhance the international nature of the MBA programme. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the benefits to the student.

Victor H Loewenstein generously donates an annual Scholarship to a candidate from outside of the UK in order to enhance the international profile of the Edinburgh MBA. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the contribution you can make to the MBA.

Mr Loewenstein is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. During his student years he was involved with AIESEC and was shortly after graduation elected Secretary General of AIESEC International, in Geneva. Now, retired after close to a 40-year career in Management Consulting, Mr Loewenstein is happy to offer this support to an MBA student.


You can only apply for a scholarship once you have received an offer (conditional or unconditional) to join one of the eligible programmes and have either firmly accepted the offer or be intending to do so.

The scholarship will be deducted from tuition fees.

You will not be eligible for this scholarship if:

  • You are fully sponsored by your employer
  • You are in receipt of a full scholarship
  • You have already accepted a scholarship from the University of Edinburgh Business School

If you been given a partial scholarship from a source other than the University of Edinburgh, you will be eligible to accept one of the scholarships on offer from either the University of Edinburgh or the University of Edinburgh Business School.

If the applicant is successful in being awarded a scholarship, but subsequently declines their offer of admission to the MBA, the scholarship will be withdrawn and awarded to another applicant. An award will be withdrawn if a student fails to meet the conditions set by the University.

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for a scholarship you should submit a scholarship application form as soon as possible after receipt of an offer of a place on our MBA.

You will be notified of the result of your scholarship application within a month of the deadline.


Successful Applicants

  • Scholarships will have to be accepted within a certain timeframe in order to secure your position on the MBA programme and also to secure the scholarship funding.
  • If you do not accept and pay the required MBA programme deposit within the given timeframe then you will forfeit your scholarship offer. The Business School will then re-allocate this scholarship.
  • To secure a scholarship, the successful applicant must have paid their programme deposit within two weeks of being offered the scholarship.
  • If you receive a scholarship, you will be expected to participate occasionally as an ambassador for the Business School during and after your programme.


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