Postdoc position at NIOO-KNAW: Plant domestication and the rhizosphere microbiome [closing 15.06.2020]

Страна: Нидерланды;

Город: Wageningen

Добавлена: 15.06.2020

Работодатель: The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Для кого: For researchers;

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Дедлайн подачи: 15.06.2020


Project title: Walk on the wild side: impact of plant domestication on functional diversification of the rhizosphere microbiome

Project description: Plant roots house one of the most diverse microbial communities on Earth. The aim of the national Gravitation program MICROP is to harness the genomic potential of root microbes as a new platform for improved stress resilience of future crops and sustainable food production. Working with groups at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Free University (VU), Utrecht University (UU), Wageningen University (WU) and The Netherlands Institute for Ecology (NIOO), you will: (1) investigate how wild and cultivated plant species, across the plant kingdom, recruit their microbial partners to cope with environmental stress and protect them against pathogens and insects, and (2) identify and harness microbiome functions to optimize future crop resilience and performance in a changing climate. In collaboration with partners around the world, fundamental knowledge will be obtained that will form the basis for a new era of microbiome-assisted crop production. The overall aim of the postdoc project at NIOO-KNAW is to determine the impact of plant domestication on the taxonomic and functional diversification of the root microbiome. We will search for microorganisms, microbial functions and corresponding traits in the plant that were lost during plant domestication and how these can be restored to optimize crop resilience and performance.

Job description:

  • Design and carry out experiments to unravel the impact of plant domestication on taxonomic and functional diversification of the root microbiome
  • Identify ‘missing’ plant microbes, their biosynthetic genes and functional traits
  • Participate in the network activities and core experiments of the Gravitation program
  • Present your work at (inter)national meetings and publish scientific articles
  • Supervise/collaborate with PhD students and postdocs in the Gravitation program


  • A PhD degree in microbe-plant interactions, (molecular) microbiology
  • Integrate and analyze microbiome and metagenome data
  • Demonstrable experience in microbiome data analyses, plant bioassays, statistical analysis
  • Experience in GWAS/QTL analyses and (bio)chemistry will be of added value
  • Willing to work at collaborating institutes abroad (e.g. South America) for several weeks/months per year
  • Language skills: fluency in English required, fluency in Spanish is welcome
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